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Thread: Dog Shelters....whats Been Your Experience?

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    They do look like a perfect pair !!! Well done

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    Are sure they're not litter mates?
    What a match! They're gorgeous.
    Lola got KC after I adopted her as well, then infected Misi. Took 2 weeks to clear up.
    Hope Penny feels better soon.
    All the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vellela View Post
    I thought I would give everyone an update. Yesterday we bought home a little friend for Ollie. Her name is Penny and as soon as I saw her I just knew she was the one. Ollie loves her and she has settled in well. Ollie gets a bit sooky sometimes but at others he cant leave her alone. Example - Ollie was sitting on my knee as I right this and Penny is sooking at my feet. Ollie just hopped down and gave her a little kiss

    They are so sweet together. Photo's attached. Ollie is on the left and Penny on the right.

    We got penny from Save a Dog in Glen Iris. I can't praise them enough. A little chaotic but they run a wonderful operation.

    We are off to the vet know tho' - Penny has come home with a terrible case of kennel cough and sounds like a 80 year old emphasema suffer!

    A happy ending.

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    aww what lovely heart warming news & what a sweet couple they make

    Hope Penny has a speedy recovery from KC

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    This morning we woke up to find Penny has blood in her wee Off to the vet again...not bad, had her home 3 days and two vet visits....hope its nothing serious. One good thing, she doesnt appear to be in any distress and she still eats everything that isnt nailed down.....

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    Poor little girl
    Hope she's better soon. Probably a bladder infection-Misi had one, same symptoms. Hope that's the end of your health issues and that Penny's 100% real soon, problem free to enjoy her new family

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