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Thread: Pet Rescue in North Brissy Vandalized

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    Default Pet Rescue in North Brissy Vandalized

    I've been trying to find a link to this bit of you think I can find it
    It's like rescue animals don't matter....grrrrrrrrr.

    Anyway...I saw on the local news that a pet rescue org was vandalized yesterday in the Moreton Bay area of Bris (I think it was the Redcliffe Peninsular pet rescue). Some of the cats and dogs were let out, the rescue van was also broken into, driven into a sign on the property then smashed up, and the office was a wreck

    A 2nd hand car dealership immediately jumped in and donated another van for them ..but they still need as much help as possible to repair the damage these idiots have done.

    I will try to find a link to the news...if anyone else comes across it..please post a link to it here

    The police think it was teens. I can only sit here and shake my head in disgust

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    Thats awfull Ozeymum! Was just googling to see if i could find an artical to read without any luck but did find this on the Moreton Bay councel webite:

    Moreton Bay Regional Council (Redcliffe district) 3283 0233 (8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday)
    Council offers a reward of $1000 for information leading to a conviction for vandalism of Council property.

    Perhaps they could use this to their advantage, im sure some silly teenage hooligan would dop in a mate of a mates mate or whatever for the $1000!

    Heres to hoping they catch the little buggers that did it!

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    How awful for them, not to mention traumatic for the animals there with all of the noise and aggression being shown to samsh things up.

    I hope they catch the bastards.
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    What a disgrace. How shameful and devastating for the rescuer's and volunteers who put in so much

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