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Thread: Rescue Fees

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    Default Rescue Fees

    What do you think is reasonable?

    I ask this as one rescue group is now charging what I believe to be excessive adoption rates and I am being told by 2 or 3 people, who wouldn't have the first clue about rescue, that it is a decent amount. I would like to see how the general public feels.
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    I don't know the price for a rescue, But me no more than $300.

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    Id be happy to pay $300-400. But wouldnt be willing to pay over 400 id say unless I knew the dog in question had to have extensive vet work done (Would be happy in that case to pay the bit extra to help the rescue to cover the costs) I dont think thats alot when you consider the $ you spend on your animals over their lifetime

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    I have noticed lateley that the prices are pretty high lately but vary alot too. I was at the Welfare League just the other day and they used to have a standard adoption fee for all dogs. 5 years ago it was $100 (pretty sure not $150) then at the begining of the year it was $350. The other day prices ranged between $350 and $500. It could be that some dogs had more vet work done than others.

    I put 300-400 but would also pay 400+ or more for the right dog.

    BUT most people I know and your average person thinks that it's way too much and what I think is sad is that they'll turn to the trading post or local paper to look for a dog.

    I've taked about this with a few people lately...
    I know an older man, pensioner that looked at "give-aways" for that reason. I tried to tell him that in that price you're getting desexing,worming, temp-test etc, but no.
    I used the example of Lola. Adoption fee was $50. I gave the shelter $100 and a big bag of food. She had to be desexed, flea treat.,worming, vacc, and be treated for kennel cough later. Ended up 100's of $.
    I think that a lot of people just look at the price and don't realize what they're getting in that price. Geeez! sorry to make this so long.

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    I charge $300 for 99.9% of my rescues. Sometimes the price will be a little lower (like when I am re-homing 2 together) and once I charged higher than this because it was a puppy and I knew I would get it quite simply and this enabled me to clear the last of my Vet bill at the time.

    My re-homing costs are worked out on the average cost per dog in my rescue and what I feel is fair. This, as I said, usually equates to $300.

    I have never understood the idea that rescues should be 'cheap' buys. They have all Vet work done and come desexed. They may not have a history, and the majority do not have a pedigree, but this is more than balanced out by them being desexed and fully vaccinated I feel.

    In my case, I would guess that around 40% of the Pugs I re-home are pedigree and they come with papers. Just becuase they are being re-homed by a rescue shouldn;t mean that they are worth any less than an adult dog being re-homed by a Pug breeder and Pug breeders sell their adults for more then me... and half the time they are NOT desexed.

    So I guess, each rescue should work out what is best for them and for the dogs they rescue and each are different.
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    I feel that $300-400 for a rescue dog is reasonable.

    IMO i dont think people realize the costs associated with rescue dogs or the costs of running the rescue centre itself.

    Dogs costs alone can be expensive, vet bills, de-sexing, general vet check ups, medications, micro chipping, shampoos, flea & worm treatments, grooming costs, food, toys, blankets.

    Temperament etc assessments of dogs by dog trainers, before re-homing takes place.

    Property rent or buy costs etc, maintenance of property etc.

    Buying & constructing the kennels, maintenance/ up keep, cleaning etc.

    Red tape/ legal costs, council fees etc.

    Phone, water, electricity, running of office & computer associated costs.

    Traveling & vehicle costs to vets etc & transport costs to take dogs into rescue center.

    & wages, what are they??? most non gov rescue centers rely on the free help of volunteers to help with the running of rescue center.

    I'm sure Anne/ Pug Rescue will be able to add more costs etc that i've not thought of.
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    I paid $250 for Terence *shhhh don't tell him* and then another $150 at the in-house store buying treats, leads, beds, etc. Figured I'd have to buy it anyway so would give more money to the rescue people to look after the other fine pooches

    Oh and another thing I noticed when I was there - the donation jar on the front desk got *stacked* with notes and coins during the morning. So a lot of people are quite ok with giving generously to help with rescues

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    Our local animal shelter charges between $200 and $300 plus compulsory registration with the council which is an extra $29.70. The dogs are desexed and vaccinated but not microchipped as this is not compulsory in Qld.

    Puppies under 5 months are $260. Males over 5 months are $200 and females over 5 months are $235. Purebred dogs are $300.

    Personally I would rather see them charge a bit more and have the dogs microchipped and heartworm tested before sale. Shelters can get all this done much cheaper than the man-in-the-street.

    If you add up the cost of desexing, vaccination, microchipping etc. I think $300 to $400 is a very reasonable price to charge for a rescue dog.

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    I voted > under $300. Mainly because that's usually about the going rate at the RSPCA and Pet Rescue...that's desexed, vaxed, chipped, wormed, h/wormed tested and all that.
    But with all things..prices and vet care and everything else it costs to rescue and rehome a dog. So I'd be happy to pay up to $400.

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    We paid $320 for Ziggy. She was vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. But we would have paid more as well... Love at first sight...

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