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    Question Dog Rescue

    Would really luv to get started in dog rescue.

    Are there any rules I need to be aware of.

    I currently rent and is there a limit to the amount of dogs I can have at once.

    My OH and I are looking at purchasing a property which used to be an old boarding kennels and they have 36 enclosed kennels already set up. Great set up really and would love to put it to the right use.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hi Eldee

    Aww good on you for wanting to start a dog their any particular breed or are you willing to help out all breeds??.. it might be a good idea to contact a few different rescue centres in your area & ask them some questions about setting up rescue centre etc..maybe they can direct you in the right direction etc.

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    It depends on what state you are in for starters. You need to know every law, by-law and regulations pertaining to keeping animals in that state and you need to be prepared to abide by those laws. Some states have limits on the numbers of animals kept in suburban yards too.

    Renting is not a what I would think of as an ideal situation and so I would advise that you join your local rescue group as a volunteer in order to learn whilst you wait till you purchase your own property. Do you have it in writing from your landlord that you are allowed to keep dogs at the property?

    Start talking to Vets and local businesses who may be able to offer you advice and support for the rescue. Without a Vet on board willing to offer you reduced rates you will never be able to survive. Apply for charitable status if you want to fund raise. Organise a website. Organise policies on adoption, surrender, desexing etc. If in NSW organsie your Clause 16D. Create a code of ethics that your org will abide by.

    That is just for starters. You really need a mentor as it is no easy thing to do.... trust me on that.
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