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Thread: Urgent Advice Needed .. Story Gets Worse!

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    Default Urgent Advice Needed .. Story Gets Worse!

    Hi, I am happy owner of beautiful natured boxer. Loves everybody. I recently had to move & its not a good neighbourhood. Had a six kids breaking into my shed, and my boxer 'bob' was standing with them wagging his tail. As I am single I though I needed more of a watch dog so I went to the ,friends of animals' shelter. It was hard to find a dog that bob liked. He suddenly got snarly with them all. The only one he sort of got on with was a male ..we think he is a greyhound cross great dane!. Any way after a week of constant supervision & hard work they started to get along ok. now they R great mates 3 weeks later. The new dog ,'magic" was starving, skin & bone. had been found in a sugar cane paddock. After a while he started becoming a great watch dog. Barking at the gangs that wander past drunk, all hours of the night. My neighbours love my dogs too so put a whole in the fence so the 2 dogs could wander between properties & protect both.
    I think Magic has be badly miss treated. a few nights ago their barking was driving me nuts so I locked them both on the patio. They could sleep on the patio & in the laundry . Magic started crying & howling. I went to reassure him, but as soon as I went back to sleep he started again. This went on for 2 nights. I had hardly any sleep. The next night. I very loosely rolled up a news paper & when he wouldn't stop howling I went to tap him with the paper. He freaked out!!! whimpering & cowering in the corner. He was so scared of me I was shocked! I didnt touch him. Anyway I talked to him for a bit & tried to go back to sleep, but he still howled a bit occasionaly, but not as badly.
    Anyway. I have been keeping them on the patio at night, so I can get some sleep.
    This morning. I got up a little late, 7am. They were barking on the patio so I opened the gate, they rushed past me into the neighbours yard & started chasing this stray dog that had wandered in. Then they started fighting it. I have never seen my boxer get in a fight before. & as hes really old. he was soon exhausted.I was trying to stop magic but couldn't get myself through the fence. Magic had the other dog on the ground, He had beaten it but wouldn't stop. He was trying to kill it. Ripping at its back thighs & neck. Eventually I yelled enough for him to stop. His mouth was full of blood. Bob had been chewed around his head & legs by the stray dog. Magic seems ok. Has lots of blood on him but I think its from the other dog, which took off .
    Now I'm thinking ...What do I do. Do you think Magic is going to be a killer????? A friend told me to take him back to the shelter. Get him put down, in case he gets worse??? I like him. But what have I gotten myself into???

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    I really wish I had better advice for you but sadly,after many years in this I feel it would be just foolish of me to paint this all rosey when this boy has some deep emotianal issues and tendencies to aggression.
    He needs passing onto someone with experience in this type of emotional scarred behaviour or things could get very much worse.

    Have you contacted his breed rescue group for advice ?
    How confident are you in dealing with this behaviour on a long term basis?
    At all times,please just remember that it is not your failing.Some dogs are just too emotional damaged to be helped,some are ingrained within this behaviour as well.
    It takes muh pateince and vigilance to help these dogs and as sad as it is,sometimes the best intention is just not enough.

    Do you have support from a rescue group?
    Have you tried contacting other rescuers/groups who specialise this breed ?

    Exhaust all avenues you can bearing in mind that you must keep him restrained and away from other dogs in the meantime.Also be aware that you do not end up with passive aggressiveness ,where he will lash out at a human in sheer frustration amongst other reasons.

    I dont wish to paint doom and gloom ,I just want to ensure you exercise caution when dealing with him.

    I'm here for further help should you need it...anytime at all.

    ps;Just wanted to add that high level DA is something I very rarely advocate persevering with,oh so very much can go horribly wrong .
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    The worry about poor Magic is that, with his breeding (and I gather you're in QLD) he has most likely come from a pig hunting bcackground.

    This explains his fear, as they are often not treated the best...

    Aggression like this can be very difficult to train out - it may have been bred and trained into him already.

    Be very careful he doesn't turn on a person when is a rage. If you have a local professional trainer they could give you some options if this an affordable option for you.

    Be very careful. I know you don't want to let him down but do take care. If you need to PM me or Choppa please do. I've just had an aggresisve dog with me recently for retraining....

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