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Thread: Adopting a Greyhound - a couple of questions

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    Default Adopting a Greyhound - a couple of questions

    Hi there, In our search for a new dog, we have been giving some serious consideration to adopting a retired racing greyhound. This is not really a new idea, as I have looked into this before. Have spent the past few days researching on the web all of the relevant greyhound adoption websites. Lots of information out there.

    I have a couple of questions that I would like some feedback on, one general and one about greyhounds in particular.

    Firstly, do you think it's ok to specify a colour preference when adopting a dog? In some ways I think yes, but on the other hand, no. I do have some preference but I know when I meet the right dog, that its colour won't really matter. Where I live there are not many for adoption, so waiting on a colour just seems wrong especially when there are some already waiting for homes. What do others think?

    Secondly, in my search for information I came across some information on 10 reasons not to adopt a greyhound (it was a from a supporter, so the site then went on to provides lots of positives). But one of the negatives was that you could forget about having a nice lawn as they like to run about (in bursts) and would damage it. Not word for word, but that's the gist of it. However that seems at odds with everything else I've read about them, including other information on that website itself.

    We have a fairly small yard, there is some grassed area but it's not large by any stretch of the imagination. Having said that our GSD lived here quite happily but then that was his later years and he was not very active. Still, there was enough space for his occasional funny leaping about and prancing!

    So I'm a bit concerned that my yard might not be big enough for a Greyhound.. Of course he/she would get daily exercise and before adopting I would find out about any safe off leash areas that I could take it to.

    I know of course that I can ask the GAP people and that my yard would be assessed, but just thought I would ask here before I go further.

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I think it's ok to say what you said about colour preference - you like this colour but if you find the right dog - colour won't matter. That's what happened to me - I have a preference for blue cattle dog, but I was open about this, didn't mind getting a red or tri. A lot more fussy about getting a female tho. I found my blue as a puppy when I actually went out to look at a 6mo red - go figure - it wasn't there and it was a male (not female as listed on the web).

    I never heard of greyhounds trashing yards. I'd have thought they were less likely to do this than a heap of other dogs. Maybe that line is in there, just to remind people that dogs trash yards sometimes.

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    Thanks Hyacinth, I like the way you phrase the colour preference neatly, I will probably steal your words! I like your story, it's funny how things turn out sometimes - he was just meant to be yours I guess!

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    i think its ok to want a certain colour, but like you said if you like the dogs personality colour doesnt matter. since before time ive wanted a male chocolate border collie, when it came time to choose our puppy we had pictures of the litter and there were no chocolates but there was 3 wheaten, so we went in planning on picking wheaten, we fell in love with our black and white girl instead, and you know what, the only male pup in her 4 day old litter is a perfect classic chocolate so i guess i got my wish i the end!

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    Thanks MrsB, I love that story! I've seen the pic you posted of your pups, they are very sweet! Must say, I love the look of the chocolate border collies. Not sure if it's anything to do with the fact that I also love chocolate
    I hope all the babies (and Mum) are doing well.

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    I have never known a greyhound to destroy yards and they do well in small places even apartments as long as they get a walk daily they will spend most of their time in your bed anyway

    Color preference and this is just me but if someone called and said I am looking for a certain color I would let them know I dont base adoptions on colors and go through the interview and let them know what dogs would suit if they happen to be the color they like great if not and they did not take them based solely being the wrong color I would probably not spend too much time rehoming a dog is so much more than a color.

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    I have learnt over the years to suck up whatever colour the right dog comes in. Somehow I have always ended up with the opposite of what I envisaged and they have all been the best dogs ever LOL. Temperament and personality and a good match with you trump colour by a long long way. I always fancied a tri colour prick eared Border collie but all mine are floppy eared black and whites, chosen for their lines and not their colour.

    It is not wrong to reallly want a certain colour and to look for it, but in some situations it is rarely how it works out especially with rescue dogs and I have had a few of those.
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    I've only had one retired greyhound so my experience is limited. I have fostered a few in the past short-term as well. They aren't likely to tear up your lawn unless they're having their daily "zoomies" and their claws get stuck in the grass - causing a few minor divots. They're pretty lazy, easy-going dogs who are most likely to be found on your bed or couch than anywhere else, especially if the sun is shining into the same spot. They can't be allowed off-lead in open areas and many don't fare well in fenced dog parks either...they'll embarass us by either standing statue still or zooming around for five seconds, then lying down panting their heads off!

    As for colour, I always wanted a blue, blue fawn or blue brindle. My girl was red fawn and white...go figure. She was a great dog, pretty dense...but then the prettiest ones are a bit less brainy I think! LOL I miss her - I lost her earlier this year and my house isn't the same without her.

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