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Thread: Seeking a Golden Retriever Rescue in VIC

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    Default Seeking a Golden Retriever Rescue in VIC

    Hi all,

    After some consideration with my partner, we have decided we would like to find a Golden Retriever for rescue in VIC. Our current dog Loki is almost 7 months and we would love to give an older dog a new home, big yard and a cuddly and friendly little buddy (and our love and cuddles too ofcourse!). I have registered my interest with the main rescue providers in VIC and have also been looking at places like the Trading Post but if anybody hears of a Golden Retriever who needs a home I'd love to hear about it.

    A female aged 7 or under would be ideal as Loki might be a bit too much excitement for a dog in its twilight years and an older male may perceive Loki as a threat. I know we're being very specific on breed, which is why we're happy to wait for as long as it takes to find the right dog. We are located in the outer Eastern suburbs but we are happy to travel anywhere in VIC for the right dog.

    Thanks all


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    Great idea!

    Have you tried these websites? (Missy is the right age you're looking for)

    Golden Retriever Rescue - Picking up the pieces for unfortunate Goldies

    or just look at PetRescue - Inspired by unconditional love - PetRescue

    Remember to keep your mind open, we wanted gorgeous, purebred dogs but fell in love with our crossbred mutts and couldn't be happier!
    Goodluck and keep us updated!

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    I looked at Bandit and called about him. The lady at RSPCA basically told me "don't even bother" because there were so many people already expressing interest in him.

    Sadly Golden Ark is based in QLD, they just don't advertise it very clearly on the website until you go into the contact section.

    I've also gone to GRR and made an application for Sadie. The lady I spoke to was concerned that I stated she would either sleep in the laundry with Loki or separately in the bathroom or the study (depending on what worked best) and was very adamant that any dog they adopt out should have full run of "at least the back half of your house" all night. I don't know if that's a company-wide stance or just the lady I spoke to but it seemed odd to me, especially when my puppy school is very firm that dogs should be kept to a room when you're asleep.

    I'll have a closer look at the pet rescue site. Thanks!

    I'm also looking at this gorgeous girl on the Trading Post - [url=]

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    'candi9' - woohoo-dancing-banana-smiley-emoticon.gif ! Really pleased you lot have made your decision !

    Sadie ? Current Golden Retriever Rescues - yeah ............

    I also had a look at Sandy on that other place - I won't put up the link !

    I think Sandy would be ideal for you lot - ticks all the boxes - even age wise - there is still approx 3 years age difference ! She looks gorgeous and has a lot of good things going for her - so she will be a popular pick for people !

    Heaps of Good Luck Wishes - but don't be disappointed if you miss out - all it means is the 'right pup for you ' isn't available yet !

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    Sadly I think Sandy is gone. I've called a couple of times with no luck and because the Trading Post website doesn't show when ads go up it looks like it might be an older ad that nobody has removed.

    There is one named Rani on Gumtree that I'm meeting on Monday. She's 3 and located much closer to home. Fingers crossed! We've got plenty of time to wait for the right one if it doesn't work out

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    'candi9' - Heaps and Heaps of Good Luck Wishes for your meeting with Rani on Monday !

    She also looks like a very nice GR !

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    Puppies should definitely be contained when you're not available to supervise. An adult dog - it all depends. But you could say - once you're confident about house training - they'd have the run of whatever.

    When I was looking for places to stay visiting in Queensland - one place said it was dog friendly - but my dog would have to have slept under the house with another dog and a cat. I don't think so. The cat would have been very very unhappy for starters.

    My dog sleeps (or barks) next to me at night.

    Be patient in your puppy search and don't get sucked into buying from and thereby supporting scam artists or puppy mills.

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    Yeah that's why we keep Loki in the laundry at night. Can't trust that he wouldn't find something to eat that he shouldn't.

    My partner's parents own Loki's brother and while he sleeps in the laundry at night with their older dog, they also have him inside and unsupervised a lot more. Their puppy has already managed 2 visits to the emergency vet, once to have emergency surgery after eating a gum nut. As soon as he recovered from that he ate a razor blade but luckily threw it up. Thankfully Loki hasn't shown the same suicidal tendencies but I'd hate to give him the back of the house overnight and have him prove me wrong!

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    We ended up looking at yellow Labradors as well and we picked this girl up on the weekend. This is Millie. She is 3yrs old and was being given away by a family who didn't have the time to spend with her:


    Here she is with Loki. They're getting along pretty well. Loki is learning his boundaries and even in the space of a day he was much better with her. Our cat is NOT impressed but she's getting over it.


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