My BIL has a beautiful dog around 6 years old. She is a cross breed with the colouring of a blue cattle dog but is supposed to be a Kelpie cross?? She is loving, dainty and used to being indoors and out.

Her mama and daddy have recently split up and her mama took the younger puppy but the daddy who works far away from home cannot give her the attention she is used to. She is a beautiful dog! Very cuddly and sweet.

At the moment she is very confused with whats going on in her life and she would so love a new home with a dog loving family! Her daddy cannot keep her and says she will be surrendered to the pound this week. My heart breaks for her.

I would so take her myself, but we already have a full house with 3 four legged friends and 5 kids just to name a few. If you know of anyone who is interested please let me know and I will pass on the contacts.

We are on the Central Coast of NSW.

Thank you