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    Tasmania NW area. Other photo available on request.

    'Elmo' is the dearest little dog. He honestly smiles. It is so cute. You may think he is about to break out into a growl but he smiles and shows his lovely white teeth waiting for a pat.

    He goes to bed when he is told and sits. He loves Smackoo' first thing in the morning and he eats just about anything. He is quite timid when you first meet him. He is not a barker, but will bark if there is something unknown to him coming in his yard. He doesn't show any interest in cats such as chasing them or being cruel.

    He has been de-sexed, microchipped and vaccinated and wormed. He would be about 2 years old and very healthy. He would weigh about 7-8 kilos. He could be and inside or outside dog. He hasn't been inside with us, but he would love to be apart of the family.

    He doesn't mind having his coat on when it is cold. First off he wasn't too impressed and sulked but now he lines up to get his jamies on. He would love to go on walks, as we have taken him on walks but not on the lead so I am unsure if he is lead trained but he isn't silly and picks things up quickly.

    Hope he pulls on your heart strings. We just don't have enough space. And the only other option is to have him put to sleep but that is a really difficult decision as he is not a bad dog. Just our circumstances at the moment and the lack of yard space. We want him to have a good home! We would rather put him to sleep than have him go to a home where we don't know the people and he is not loved and looked after because he deserves better than that.

    He is very loyal and loving.

    Urgent request for a good loving home.Elmo.jpg
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