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    Default Sophie Update!

    OK, so Sohpie has been with us a couple of months now, and has finally started to relax:

    sophie 1.jpg (sorry, I don't know how to make it bigger, someone needs to tell me!)

    We are walking at least 10 times a week (I try to get out twice a day, but this is peak work season for me, and sometimes I just can't spare 2 hours a day), and she is putting on lovely fabulous muscle tone... in the photo above, it looks like you can barely see her ribs, but they are still there clear as day when she stands straight.

    Eating is now a fun activity, and she has finally graduated to eating from a bowl, outside, on her own. I have started TOT training on a very basic level (ie, she gets the comand to 'wait' has to look at me, then she's told 'yes' to eat. In a few weeks I'll gradually move her away from the bowl, but she's a very fast learner, and after the fist time, she knew what I wanted from her. And she also gets hubgry, which is so wonderful to see! Still not particulary treat driven, but she will take odd food at odd times - and she has a sweet tooth! I try to make a habit of having a noice brekky on Sundays of pancakes with syrup, and she will lick the remnant maple syrup off the plate - this from a doglet who was refusing anything that I didn't offer her only a few short weeks ago!

    Her basic obedience is still fractured - the basics are quite difficult, she still can't figure out 'sit' as a command for her to perform independantly as an action, but will do it happily with just the slightest pf pressure over her hips from the flat of my hand. BUT, more advanced stuff like 'stop', 'wait' and 'watch' are 11/10 {she's at 3.5 secs on 'watch'}. 'Drop' is something I dream of, but is not important in her day to day life, so I figure that's on her list 'to do' next year.

    She also now 'cuts the snake' on a regular basis:

    sophie 2.jpg

    But is still none too fond of the husband. Growlage still occurs regularly. Sometimes just a "I don't want to like you but I think I actually do" quiet and polite "grrr", but also sometimes it's a get away from my Mum you BASTARD "GRRRRRR". No hackles or jowels invovled, just vocal. First time it hgappened it freaked me right out, but it is lessening, and we (and her trainer) are expecting her to ease out of the habit as her trust issues resolve around men.

    Her boobage is shrinking back slowly but very surely, which is great for her with summer coming now, less to worry about with sweat and skin issues developing in her "under cleavage" areas.

    She's a bit of a celebrity around her neighbourhood now - she has made many friends who all stop to talk to us and catch up on her progress. It's amazing how hearing that's she's a resuce from a puppy farm brings out the indignant side of people - she's like the real face of Oscar's Law in our neighbourhood!

    Well, that's about it... oh, other than the freak I met walking one day that remarked on her "lovely big titties" - oh, yes, I kid you not... but that is another storey for another day... this is a positive post!

    Yay for Sophie!

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    Fantastic to read your news Pinkest, those pictures tell a story in themselves, she has a beautiful smiley face and I love seeing her rolling around on the grass.

    She's so lucky to have been adopted by you and how wonderful that she's making friends around the neighbourhood.

    Great news... keep the photos of this beautiful girl coming

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    Great news Pinkest.

    Mmmmm .......Maple favourite. She looks very happy. You desrve a pat on the back for your efforts Pinkest. I'm sure she's loving every minute she spends with you.

    Hope hubby gets some Sophie luv'n soon too.
    Thanks for the update and piccies.....YAY for Sophie !!!!

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