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Thread: Beloz... this dog looks like Banjo!

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    Default Beloz... this dog looks like Banjo!

    Just saw this dog on pet rescue, and my instant thought was "oh she looks like Banjo"
    Her coat looks a bit darker than Banjo's though.
    She sounds like such a sweet dog, i hope she finds a home soon

    Amy's profile at PetRescue - is she your new best friend?
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    Sorry, was a tad hard to use the internet sometimes while traveling. I did read this when you posted it and my first thought was that maybe it was Banjo's sister who was found wandering along the highway with her when they got picked up by the rangers. But they were both in Sydney and this dog is in Victoria.

    It's funny when you see another dog that looks a lot like your unusual bitsa.

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