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Thread: Science Diet Dog Food or Optimum Dog Food?

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    Default Science Diet Dog Food or Optimum Dog Food?

    Which dog food is recommended?
    Science Diet Dog Food or Optimum Dog Food?

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    A raw diet!!!


    If I had to pick between them, it'd be Science Diet. There's not much apart from wheat and cereal in dry food, though.

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    Meh - the ingredients on both freak me out.

    I feed nutro natural choice for dry and make my own casserole for the dog instead of tinned food - it has far fewer ingredients and I know what they all are.

    Look for something with "meat" as the first ingredient - not "meat meal" or "corn meal".

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    I personally think both are terrible. IF you had to feed kibble, I'd look for a grain free option, and one that lists meat (not meat by product or meal) as ir's first ingredient. Rice, cereal, wheat etc sound nice but are carbohydrate heavy (dogs don't need carbs) and are therefore nothing more than filler.

    Canidae does a grain free option, but it is still imported and thus questionable due to the customs process of irradiation on entering the country. Black Hawk is an Aussie made holistic alternative that sounds pretty good.


    Why not investigate a raw diet? You can make it yourself, or buy pre-packed. IMHO it is the preferred feeding regime...

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    Personally of those two, from experience my dogs did better on optimum than then science diet. And was far better on my wallets health.
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    I'm not a fan of raw only diets, too much that can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing 100%. While raw is good I like to see some balanced dog food fed in addition to the meat.

    I'd go with the Optimum.

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