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Thread: WANTED! Experienced Dog Groomer Melbourne

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    Smile WANTED! Experienced Dog Groomer Melbourne

    We have a dog business and cannot for the life of us find an experienced dog groomer. Does anyone know someone looking for this kind of work in melbourne? Or any hints as to where we might find someone?

    Your help is much appreictaed!

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    I'm not an experienced dog groomer.. other than grooming my own, but I am looking for work and am a fast learner if you want to train me? LOL

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    I am, but I'm in the wrong state!

    Try placing wanted ads in local newspapers or putting signs on community noticeboards and shop windows.
    You can also ask local vets to place flyers up.

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    I should ban you for spamming but I find your site helpful...

    what a dilemma

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    Perhaps contact Morgan, the site admin about advertising?

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