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Thread: Seeking Skilled Veterinary Surgeon, Sydney Northern Beaches Peninsula - Know Any?

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    Default Seeking Skilled Veterinary Surgeon, Sydney Northern Beaches Peninsula - Know Any?


    There are lots of veterinary practices around here but I am finding it incredibly hard to find a truly competent vet. Does anyone know one please? Fine to PM me.

    To narrow it down, I will automatically rule out any vets who...
    - Vaccinate annually (contrary to Vet Assoc guidelines and research)
    - Recommend Science Diet or similar health-damaging trash

    Oh dear, I fear I have ruled them ALL out with just those two whoppers. But surely there must be someone, somewhere, who takes a more health-oriented, research-based, up to date approach?!

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    Russell Drake at Frenchs Forest Veterinary Hospital is excellent. He has been our family vet since we got our Bichon Frise girl (RIP) 13 years ago. I'm not sure what he recommends, but the practice is small, clean and friendly and none of the vets are pushy about recommending food.

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    I am a little late with this thread but I wouldn't rule out vets who vaccinate annually and sell what is on your opinion trash food.

    My vet send out yearly reminders to all clients to vaccinate their pets.
    They sell Royal Canin from their surgery.

    My vet is one of the most respected and talented vets in the state, I refuse to go to anyone else.

    It takes trial and error to find a good, reliable vet. Start off just by going to a few different ones for minor things like vaccs or ear infections etc to get a feel for them. Ask around, especially people who have had dogs with major problems and get opinions.

    If I went to a local vet who didn't send out yearly vacc reminders I could be going to a complete quack instead of the fantastic vet I have.

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