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    I'm a Photographer new to Melbourne having just crossed the ditch from NZ. I love all animals especially dogs (having one of my own) and am now offering pet photography packages. Please visit my website and get in contact for more information on prices and package options.
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    Hi there

    Can you please gain permission from the site Administrator to post your business link. His name is Morgan and you can send a pm to him regarding this. For now your business link has been removed.


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    Default Pet photography


    The field of is specialist - the market is small. If you goto the rich areas like hollywood then theres a market. It's good you are going for a field that not everyone does - like weddings/portraits.

    Pet shooting is likely to take awhile to get going, start now (you have I know). Keep learning and improving, you might find another area of the art you like.

    If you start as a freelancer and do whatever work you can get then build the pet side till it takes over. Many will be negitive, some do it to caution you, some are jealous, some tried but quit, some just think it's to hard. If you really want something it will happen. Keep all options open, don't burn any bridges.

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