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    I have a border collie named Max. Unfortunately Max has always had flea problems. We've tried everything, frontline, advantix, revolution - sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't.

    I also noticed that he had a reaction to the chemicals in these products - he got rashes. I really hated having to put chemicals on Max but we had no choice.

    I was reading Burke's Backyard magazine and read about a new product called Shoo Tag that claimed it treated fleas (and ticks) for 4 months without using any chemicals. They are basically little plastic tags that hang off the collar.

    I was very sceptical as to how this would work but I saw it came with a money back guarantee so I decided to give it a go.

    I put the tags on Max's collar and I didn't notice a difference in the first day as he was still scratching and I could see a few fleas on him when I turned him over. I checked again the following morning and to my amazement NOT A SINGLE FLEA - I really couldn't believe it - these Shoo Tag things actually work. I honestly thought is wasn't going to and that I would be back to the shop the following week to get a refund.

    I've had the tags on for 3 weeks now and not a single flea. You get 2 tags in a pack, one for fleas and one for ticks.

    This is an amazing new product which I think all dog owners should know about. I'm so happy that I don't have to use chemicals to treat fleas for Max anymore.

    They last for 3-4 months and once they are on the collar you don't need to worry about it. That was another thing I didn't like about the chemicals (having to apply it every couple of weeks).

    I was quite sceptical but now I'm definitley converted - check Shoo Tag out.
    Max & Mark
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