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    I am in the market for a dog door and am very confused on which one to get.
    We have a puppy - golden ret cross poodle, and I think she will grow to a golden ret size, so I am looking for a large size door.
    There are so many different ones I am not sure which one to get. plastic swinging door or plastic flaps? is one brand better than the other? what system do you have for security? (as I imagine that the dog door will be so big that a person could crawl through) the best place to buy this at reasonable prices?
    This is the family's first pet dog and would love to get your feedback.

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    I bought my Dog Door at Bunnings.. They have a few sizes to choose from... The price was good and it was the easiest to install... I have installed 2 dog doors prior to my current one..  14

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