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    Are you either a reseller of a dog related product or perhaps a dog product manufacturer and wish to have a professional review of the quality, value for money and comparison to other related products? offers a free product review, not only can you use the review for your website but we also showcase it here on so members can read how good your product is.

    If you wish to have your producted reviewed, please pm me your information.

    All products that get reviewed will be donated to the reviewer as a gift for adding the time and effort to produce the review.



    Note - this section is for reviews of dog related products and services not for advertising your business.
    Please the products (and services) for sale section instead. Thanks Hyacinth.
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    Default Don't Fret Pet Minding Service

    Hi Morgan

    Perhaps you can review my wife's pet minding service in Melbourne - Don't Fret Pet?

    Don't Fret Pet is a national franchise network of pet minding services, and my wife just started her business in Melbourne back in July 08.

    Feel free to drop her a line on 1300 307 021 or email:


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    Hi Morgan,

    If you have anyone available to review in Brunswick, I've just set up a dog walking business called Labby Road available only to residents of Brunswick in Melbourne.



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    Hi Morgan,

    How are you? Tonight is my first time on here so I’m slowly finding my way around, i think

    Anyway, I run my own pets supplies business PETZ Central (Australia's No1 online pet supplies at Petz Central, Australia wide.)
    I was wondering how would it be possible to offer your members or anyone interested of course, a further 5% OFF our already reduce prices for a couple of weeks or offer some sales etc that our members benefit from?

    I started PETZ Central as a hobby few years back as I was crushed between two cars and left in a wheel chair, you know for something to do Dr's said I would not get out of it and just live with it, I proved them wrong not long ago and now using a walker frame. Thanks to PETZ Central concentrating on that has helped me get as far as I have. The funny thing is PETZ Central is now a national based business, sending product all over Australia, at times NZ and USA believe it or not, it's crazy but so grate full

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you

    I’m sure you have my details

    thanks again


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    Hi Morgan, I know this is an old thread but is it still available?

    I am giving away 100 free listings on my new site and anyone can feel free to review the service once I open the site up.

    I can PM you more info if you like?

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    Closed the thread. You must PM Morgan and then wait patiently to get his attention.

    Posting in here won't help. And the other moderators can't help. Tho I'm pretty sure if you want to send them free samples to review, you can try posting an invite to message you in the products for sale section to see who would be interested.

    Any member can post a review in this section.
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