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Thread: Snake Repeller

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    I live on a wheat and sheep farm and I see quite a lot of sakes. I know their holes now. They are mainly very large dugites and Gwadyrs, which I suppose are brown snakes.

    Over summer I take a lot of care when walking my 6 dogs and they dont have the same freedom they have in the cooler months. I spend a lot of time training them in herding and agility so they still get good exercise.

    I just hope with 6 dogs the snakes are unlikely to come in the yard. I wouldnt kill the resident snakes that live in the bush and crops surrounding my house. They keep rats and mice down and I hope by now they are familiar with the territory and the humans and dogs. I think by killing these very large resident snakes it would just cause a turf war as another less familiar snake moves in. They seem quite shy and when chased on occassion by my dogs they will only stand up for themselves if forced to. They would rather escape and run for their holes.

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    I know this is an old thread and I also can't remember if I posted in it.
    I have 8 repellers, wanted them so much to work but I really don't know.
    They are placed the distance as directed but A RRB was in the dog yard and Jodi had it in her mouth while I was away in May. All dogs had an emergency run to the vet but all were fine.

    I now have cleared area as well as we can, repellers and netting. Also blind hope.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Just because snakes aren't in it now doesn't mean they were "repelled" away by the repeller lol. Anyone who actually has experience with reptiles will tell you they don't work. I'll believe that over any bad sales pitch any day

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    you still have to check around the eyes, and lips and ears and all that fluff. It would be tempting to use depilatory cream... poor cat.

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