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    I've come across this company in the Adelaide Hills who sips rawhide bones and treats. I ordered a lot with them and find them pretty good. Allegedly all their products are Australian made (for those who worry about chemicals in China made chews). They cost only a fraction of what they are in the petstore, feel really heavy and last forever. I gave ours two pressed rawhidebones last week Friday and one week later they didn't manage to chew through more than 1/4 on them.

    Welcome — Hills Rawhide

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    Our Products — Hills Rawhide

    • Always remove the rawhide bone or chew from a dog’s possession when they become small enough for the dog to swallow.
    I learn something everyday.

    Mine can pulp and eat the biggest rawhide chew inside about 20 minutes - so I only give her little bits now and make sure she chomps those into smaller pieces first. When she was a puppy the bone things would last days but not any more.

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    I do tend to avoid giving rawhide to my dogs these days. Not keen after I watched a documentry on how they were manufactured.

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