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Thread: Flea Control - The Cheapest Affective Method.

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    Default Flea Control - The Cheapest Affective Method.

    I am only new here. So I have been looking around the forum and noticed that no one has mentioned the most affective and cheapest flea control method I know of...and it WORKS !

    If you really believe that using high priced "snake oil" products is the best and only thing to do because some equally high priced (over paid) person on TV has told you to...Then it is probably to late for you. You are already brainwashed and nothing I or anyone else says will help you.

    If you are NOT already brainwashed by the TV show people telling you that $60 a month on "snake oil" is the best way to control fleas...Then read on -

    Before I tell you all what it is ask your self this...Do zoos, kennels, catteries, pounds, aviaries etc, etc, etc, use products like Frontline or Advantix at $40 to $60 per animal per month? The answer, of course, is no.

    Assuming you do not have an out of control flea problem use VINEGAR. If you do have a serious problem, I will tell you what I do after I talk about the vinegar.

    Add about 1 or 2 teaspoons of plain white elcheapo vinegar to 500ml of water in an plastic spray bottle. The cheap stuff from Wollies or Coles is great. Simply spray in the air around your home. It is non toxic so it is safe in kitchen areas, bedrooms, babies room...anywhere. That my friends is it. You don't need to make a routine about it. All I do is have a 500ml bottle sitting on the kitchen bench and when ever I pass by and think of it, give a couple of spays into the air. Have the bottle set to the finest mist you can.

    The vinegar spray does NOT kill fleas. But the fleas can't stand it. Fleas, along with mites, lice and flies etc, hate the smell of the vinegar and although it doesn't kill them, it makes them bugger off to next door...added bonus if you don't like the people next door.

    OK...If you have a serious problem...First thing to do is treat the area. All the treatment in the world directly on your dog is NOT going to stop the fleas. You need to kill the fleas in the area and break the breeding cycle. The absolute cheapest and most affective product I know of for this is Coopex. DON'T buy it from a pet shop. You can get it in Bunnings for about $10 or $11 whilst pet shops charge around $20. It comes in a gold coloured pack and you might have to ask for it because it is not a big pack and some times hard to find on the shelf.

    Your vet will not recommend Coopex, because they do not sell it !!! They do sell "snake oil".

    So what is it? It is a toxic product so read the instructions. It will affect fish. Other than that it is very safe and almost non toxic to birds and mammals. So it is safe around pets and kids. It is a powder that you mix in water and spray the area. Safe for indoor use and outdoor (if you don't have a fish pond). It is made of very small, almost microscopic, beads which are coated with pyrethrums. These beads get caught in the hairs on the legs of fleas and other pests, which in turn kills them...Basically, if it has 6 or 8 legs and comes into your home or yard, it is dead. The first thing a baby flea does when it hatches is jump. If Coopex is in the area, that baby flea will land on it and be dead within minutes, breaking the breeding cycle.

    Hope that is of interest and help....Oh and it is no big secret, you can Google "coopex" and "vinegar for flea control".

    Cheers from the RedDog.

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    vinegar is also good for cleaning up pee spots...

    I found out the hard way that my brother's dog has marked more than my mum's washing basket in her bedroom - when Frosty started leaving a reply pee-mail next to the corner of her bed. ARRRGGH and Frosty got an interrupt by my foot up her bum, and then shut outside until I'd cleaned it up.

    I will have to invest in a UV flashlight now. Maybe three of them. One for me, one for my mum and one for my brother. :S

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