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Thread: Kong Toys any good?

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    Hey guys, deffinately agree!! I can't give my girl anything but kong toys/ other similar brands, nothing else lasts more than 10 minutes. She can destroy a dinosaur bone in all of half an hour so what chance does a cheaply made toy have. When I first got her we went out and brought about $60 worth of random toys from big w, within a week they were all destroyed and I was forever running outside removing squeakers from inside toys out of her mouth

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    She can destroy a dinosaur bone in all of half an hour
    That's impressive. Mine can destroy one but it does take a while.

    There's nothing you can buy in big W (or any supermarket) that will last longer than 30 seconds with a destructive dog.

    Well the rope bones sometimes last a couple of minutes.

    So you'd be getting the black kongs then? because mine did a demolition job on a red one - had to put that in the bin too...

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    I have found the kong safe stix quite good

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    so far i have had success with the black kong, not even a puncture mark on it.
    the camo wubbas, from what i hear they are stronger than the average wubba.
    jolly balls, horse owners use them so that should slow down destruction from a dog.
    i also have a squeaker bear that is still going strong, my mates dog destroyed hers so i am leaning towards the fact that she really likes it and isn't trying to kill it.
    i guess time will tell the strength of the toys, but I'm happy with them although i don't have to pay full price.

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    Oh yes, both treat balls inevitably (and usually quite soon) end up under her dog bed or behind/under the BBQ. Then I'm just left with a dog wandering around the yard sniffing the ground for missed treats and looking very forlorn.

    I usually collect most of the toys (leaving her one or two) every evening, but the treat balls are there during work time so get a bit of sun - but only on the very rare occasion they're not under the bed or BBQ! Hopefully that will extend their life a little.

    I used to have a doberman that demolished everything. The result was no toys or chews for her. She just got bones, but they didn't last either. She ate a red kong in a couple of hours. We never tried a black kong though, I don't think they were invented yet (this was back in the 90s).

    It's funny, my girl now has a couple of toys she loves, but all other toys face the death shake and de-stuffing within minutes. One of the cherished toys is an op-shopped kids toy (this one has suffered no damage), and one is a dog toy with a squeaker. It has bits of rope and furry or fluffy fabric on it, so it has received a few death shakes and front teeth shreds, but seems to be holding up ok!

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