Innotek Australia has announced the availability of the GPS20, the first tracking system which can operate in both GPS and standard radio tracking modes.

A number of trackers have been on the market in Australia and all of these use collars which transmit a "beep" which can be picked up by a handheld receiver using a directional antenna. These older systems indicate the dog's direction only, although a very skilled operator could get a rough idea of the distance by the strength of the signal. With the new
GPS20, the collar emits the "beep" but also sends the GPS coordinates of the dog and status information like the charge level of the collar’s battery. Using the GPS coordinates, the receiver displays the dog’s position using an electronic compass and the distance the dog is from the receiver. So the hunter now has much more accurate and easy to read information about where the dog is located.

Older systems also had the problem where the signal would bounce off hillsides giving false indications of direction to the operator, whereas the
GPS20 gives the precise location of the dog.

The GPS20 claims to detect a collar from 20 km in Radio Tracking mode and 7 km in GPS mode. We have tried it in Australia and have achieved a strong GPS signal from over 9 km so the claimed range should easily be achieved. What is more, the receiver will pick up signals from other collar brands that operate on the same frequency, so owners that have invested in older systems can continue to use the collars.

The GPS20 was developed and is manufactured in Spain by a company that specialises in tracking technology for a range of applications, such as wildlife tracking, falconry and the tracking of people and materials.

The GPS20 is available from retailers of Innotek products or by mail order direct from Innotek.