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Thread: Pet Head shampoo? Or what would you recommend for puppies?

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    Default Pet Head shampoo? Or what would you recommend for puppies?

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Pet Head range. I read that baby shampoo diluted would work fine for puppies but when I tried that with my 3 month old whippet Luna she got dandruff the next day.

    I was wondering about this Pet Head shampoo:

    mainly because it sounds like it smells nice, and because it's the RSPCA website (oh and I like the packaging!). But I wanted to know if anyone has tried their range before?

    If not, what shampoo (preferably delicious smelling!) would you recommend for a dog with sensitive skin?

    PS I will be feeding her canned tuna in oil twice a week from now, and only plan on washing her fortnightly as I don't want to strip her skin of its natural oils... cheers

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    She is a very short haired breed, would she really need bathing?

    Maybe use something organic like coconut oil if you want her to smell nice.
    Shampoo is basically detergent (as far as I know) I would not be using it at
    all on a young puppy.
    I'm sure the other members here can advise you on some other alternatives.

    Sardines are also good, for skin and a shiny coat.

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    Just because it's on the RSPCA site - doesn't automatically make it good... it might not be harmful but it might not be all that special either. You need to make a more informed choice than just that they have it. If you want to support the RSPCA - just send them some money direct.

    Mostly if I wash my dog its a hose off with water and then dry off with a chamois (imitation is fine), sometimes I wash her with baby shampoo and conditioner, cos I figure it's not going to hurt her eyes and cause me grief next time I want to wash her.

    I haven't noticed any dandruff after.

    I do occasionally feed my dog some sardines - about half a tin per day, one tin per week ish... I like sardines better than tuna because they're more sustainable and the Brunswick ones are Canadian - which I imagine (with no facts to back it up) that it's cleaner than the water round Thailand or in the meditteranean.

    Pretty much stopped eating tinned tuna altogether and can't wait for them to figure out how to farm tuna (from eggs) commercially.

    You could try the pet head stuff and let us know how it goes. I'd avoid washing the dog more than once a month unless it is particularily smelly - and then I'd be looking for other causes like diet and availability of pongy skin conditioners like fresh horse poo.

    The shampoo I've seen most often recommended for dogs with sensitive skin is Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo. Though you can just tie some oats in a handkerchief, soak that in warm water and use that to bathe dog.
    (you can buy that and still support the RSPCA).

    If you can persuade dog not to eat the hankerchief and oats and all.

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    be careful with the Aloveen oatmeal shampoo.I used it once on my dog and it brought her out in a nasty rash afterwards. Some dogs just seem to be sensitive to different things so may be a case of trial and error.
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    You can also try a horse shampoo - Kohnkes Kleen Sheen. As it is designed for use on racehorses that get washed almost daily it is very good on skin. I use it diluted 1:10 with water as well which increases the mildness.

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    I worked with racehorses for 2 years, at our stable, they'd get a hose off daily (unless it was freezing) but we'd only shampoo them once every few months. Other stables might be different though.

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    'leilei' - There are heaps of threads on this forum regarding washing and shampoos for pups ! So have a good look around.

    Dog Grooming

    I think you will find, that after reading through the above links – that most of us here don’t wash our pups on a regular basis – even - if they are inside dogs.

    Be very careful of strong smelling shampoos and conditioners on your pup. These are full of stuff that can/may have an adverse effect on her coat and skin.

    Once you get the food right for your pup and it suits her – you will find that she will be sweet smelling as she is – au natural !

    Good Luck !

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    Im currently having to wash my pup's face. He has lots of wrinkles.
    Ive got my product. I apply it to his ears and head area with a face washer, and gently stroke it in.
    More like a massage, with a warm wet flannel.
    Less stress, less mess technique

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    Thanks for all the info everyone.

    I know you shouldn't overwash, and people have said whippets have little to no smell but to be honest my girl definitely smells quite strongly of dog... and my nose isn't even that sensitive. Family members have been hinting I wash her; maybe it's just been a long time since we've lived with dogs but I'm just trying to respect the house boundaries by keeping it to a minimum.

    Hyacinth, thanks for the advice. I know just because a product is on the RSPCA site doesn't mean it's best for the dog - that's why I asked here (and actually I do donate money to them as well, just sayin I prefer to support them over some random pet superstore). I saw it had mixed reviews so I might do as you suggested and buy it, try it, and if it doesn't agree with puppy just try something else.

    I'm off to look at the link you gave me RileyJ, thanks!


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    Closed thread - it's old and attracting shampoo spam.

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