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Thread: Ball Thrower (long distance)

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    These things should come with a warning - depending on how your dog chases the ball - and how the ball is moving when your dog arrives - your dog can do itself a serious injury in the twisty turny hard braking face plant action that can follow.

    Safest thing is not to let your dog fetch - until the ball has stopped moving. And to keep the ball low - so the dog isn't tempted to leap high to get it - but beware of the faceplant + somersaut that can come of this.

    I do sometimes throw a chuckit ball with a chuckit thrower (the other balls and chuckers are a waste of time in my experience). But i often make my dog do a sit before she's allowed to chase the ball - and she starts facing the direction that the ball will go - not facing me so she has to do a spin to start running. And we do it at the beach - ie where the surface is fairly soft.

    Any thing you can do to make this game slightly safer for your dogs' joints, and to reward your dog for some impulse control - eg sitting next to you facing forward and not starting to chase until you say - whether you've thrown the ball or not...

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    Chuck it are the ones I use and its a chuckit ball thrower

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    There's a new one on the market called "Throw Biz" it has springs on the claws enabling it to hold various sized balls.
    I deal with someone in pet supplies and they have had 50/50 reviews on it.
    Don't personally use ball throwers so haven't used it myself.
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