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Thread: Urine Free a Must if You Have a Pup or Old Dog

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    Default Urine Free a Must if You Have a Pup or Old Dog

    We have an old dog with diabetes and various other issues and a new pup.

    The old dog (Raffles) no longer can control his bladder and Gucci (the pup) is having a few (actually a lot) of toilet training issues.

    We were at our wits end , particularly with Raffey, until our vet put us onto Urine Free , which has been a life saver for cleaning up the hundreds of accidents on carpet, floorboards in the lounge etc.

    We couldn't bear to put Raffey out as he is getting very old but without this product we probably would have had to, or more likely put him down.

    Hope this helps someone having similar problems!

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    Thanks for the recommendation, it has definitely helped with our cavoodle puppy's toilet training! It also smells lovely too.

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    I may try this. My little diabetic silky has had a few accidents in the house so this is definitely worth a try.
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    2nd post only from 2 posts from this person and both are pushing this product. No other board input so far. Possibly spam.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    very old thread


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