I tend to agree, the illnesses that children are vaccinated against are serious, and have killed and maimed previous generations but now thanks to the majority of parents immunising there children they are rare or non existant in Australia anymore, so ITS WORKING, although some are being reintroduced through illegal immigration according to the health department, so its even more important to keep it up.

I remember when my son was a baby, he was allergic to the whooping cough part of the vac's so wasnt able to have that part of the followup vaccinations, with a warning to keep him away from anyone with whooping cough till he was 5.

At 12 months old, he had really bad tonsils and adonoids and was really sick with them. He was admitted to hospital to have them out and I filled out the forms which asked what he was allergic to and his vaccination records etc, and emphasised he hadnt had the whooping cough vaccinations and the reasons.

He was put in a room next to a VERY sick baby who I soon learned had WHOOPING cough through his parents refusing vaccinations.

I was SO ANGRY.......at the hospital staff for not looking at his forms and exposing him to the virus which may have killed him as he was already VERY ILL, and the parents who also put my child at risk from not vaccinating!

I do understand there is a risk with any vaccinations, but i think the alternative is far worse for everybodies children.

Those who choose not to vaccinate, rely on those that do to keep their own children safe!

And you only need to look at history to show why we need to do to keep everyone safe.