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    Hi all i'm new to this site. I need help from anyones whose doy may be suffering from pancreatitias. My little one has been for over a year now and i don't seem to be able to get her controlled. Can anyone out there help me who was in a similar situation.

    Please i'm desperate

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    Welcome to the forum Lizzy.

    I've only had one dog who suffered from pancreatitis. She was a black Pug. The condition was controlled by diet and she lived to age 16.

    I assume your girl is now on a low fat, low protein diet and is not over weight.

    I can tell you what I fed my girl but it may not help with yours as pancreatitis varies in degree and some badly affected dogs die.

    The best person to talk to is your Vet. He/she knows your dog and her condition and is qualified to offer advice. If you are not happy with him/her seek a second opinion. Another option is a canine naturopath, preferably a qualified Vet who uses natural therapies. This is what I did with my girl so we could work out the perfect diet for her as an individual.

    Hope this helps a bit. All the best with your girl. Please let us know how she gets on.

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    Thankyou so much for your reply! How old was your pug when it first happened?

    Yes can you please email me the diet plan you stuck to?
    You mentioned about a vet who believes in natural alternatives. Where do i find one???

    I'm absolutely desperate. So any more information you can pass onto me would be much appreciated!

    I want my girl to go and and live a long healthy life..... i just need to get her controlled first though.

    It has cost me thousands of $$$ so far. She is booked in for an ultrasound tomorrow. Not sure if that will help us though, i have to try everything i can though!

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    Lizzy it sounds to me as if your girl has it much worse than my Mary did.

    Mary was about 6 or 7 when she came down with it. I still don't know why.

    I have always fed raw so with Mary I simply lightly cooked her meat and removed all the fat I could. This was mixed with fresh raw vegetables that were put through the food processor first, exactly the same as I used with the raw meat for my other dogs. I used the veggies growing in my own garden, usually carrot, silverbeet, always parsley and others according to the season. I also added garlic but I don't recommend this to other people as some Vets believe it may create similar problems to feeding onion as they are in the same family. Personally I still feed garlic but I this is just me.

    I don't know what state you live in but here is a list of registered homeopathic Vets in Australia.

    ArkOz Animal Health - Holistic Vets - Victoria Australia

    I hope this helps a bit.

    Best of luck with your baby tomorrow and please let me know what happens.

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    Thankyou for that website i will be sure to check that out. I just hope i get some answers very soon.
    Did Mary only have the one flare up or a couple?
    My Lizzy used to get vomiting and pain etc. The last two times she has only had the pain. She doesn't seem to get it bad enough to be hospitialised but she just keeps having flare ups, that is what is concerning me.
    I have her on Royal Canin digestive tin food. i have recently cut the biscuits out incase they were what was causing the upsets. i though perhaps she has an allergy to gluten or wheat or something triggering her attacks.
    I will have to pick up some parsley i have heard this is good for the pancreas.
    Thankyou and please just cross your fingers that i get her sorted. She certainly does deserve it

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    Mary only had the one flare up Lizzy but she was a very sick little dog at the time, on a drip at the Vet.

    I tried her on the tinned stuff but she didn't like it much (unusual as Pugs normally eat anything not nailed down) so I took her to my naturopath (he treats humans and animals) and we tried her on her usual diet with less fat and more veg and less meat. It never happend again thank goD.

    I'll keep everything crossed for her Lizzy and send healing vibes in her direction. What sort of dog is she and what is her name?

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    Hello her name is Lizzy lol sorry my name is Kris. What is your name?
    She is only very young. She will be 3 on the 17th July. She is a mini Foxie Cross Chihuahua (so also only very small) Yeah she is not to fussed on the tin food either but she has been hungry of late so she eats it. I was feeding her the bikkies in the low fat food but it was the only thing i could possibly put down to her being sick on and off still.
    I honestly don't want to keep her on this tin food forever but if i could just get her under control on it for a few months than i could i could go to a naturopath for advise / a diet plan. The way her little pancreas is though i'm not to keen on change for her.
    I do know what started her health issues. I was feeding her dehydrated chicken treats from china (didn't realise they were from china) late last year there was a recall on the product as it was causing kidney failure in dogs. I was feeding these to her all of the time!!!
    I had her well for almost 4 months by feeding her blended cooked vegetables / rice and either cooked minced kangaroo meat or chicken breast. I would like to try that again with her....... but i'm not game too. She did have a flare up eventually after 4 months but i was adding low fat cottage cheese and egg once i think ( i didn't realise that was fatty) I so want to start her on that diet again but i'm too scared too!!!
    What meat were you giving Mary?
    Thanks again for trying to help me. I'm desperate to help my baby at the moment

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    My name is Anne, Kris. There are two Annes that I know of on this forum and both are Pug lovers.

    It's terrible to think of how it happened. I remember reading about it at the time. The company who imported the product should be sued.

    Lizzy is very young. It's more often a middle age thing.

    Originally I was feeding the Puggies mainly beef and lamb. They seemed to do particularly well on lamb but of course it is a very fatty meat. I mostly feed roo now and sometimes beef. I also feed fish. If Lizzy will eat it most fish is low in fat.

    Remember the natural therapists on that list are also qualified Vets. I suggested them because it is amazing what a change in diet can achieve in many conditions and a good natural therapist treats each animal as an individual and designs the diet for that particular dog or cat, just as they do with people.

    My mother was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and was told it was too far gone for treatment. She was given approximately 6 months to live. My naturapath put her on a special diet and I took her to Ian Gawler's meditation classes for cancer patients. Mum lived for another 8 years and they were good years. When she died her death was not related to the cancer as it was long gone. I mention this only because I have a lot of faith in QUALITY natural therapy.

    I wish I could offer more help Kris but at least you know someone else cares about you and wee Lizzy.

    All the best for tomorrow. I will be sending healing thoughts in Lizzy's direction.

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    Hi Anne thankyou so much for your well wishes!!! i and my girl certaintly need them right now. It means so much to me you have no idea!!
    My best friend recently bought a Pug he is so adorable he would be about 10 weeks old now and she called him Albert. When i went to the vet yesterday a lady had two of them they were absolutely gorgeous

    She is very young, that is why i hope i can get her under control very soon. She has been suffering with it now since she was 1.5 years old.

    I tried to ring one of those numbers on the natural therapists list yesterday. The lady only have a mobile number listed and it says it is disconnected. There was one other one who is sort of local to me that i could try. He is a male though, i'm not to fussed on them as they seem to get you out the door quickly without helping :-(

    I came across another company called hollistic hounds they were going to try and do up a diet for her. But it is raw and i really don't think her little pancreas could handle that. I'm so lost with what to do for her. She went in yesterday for her ultrasound and they did more blood work. The vet has to sit down and have a good look at her ultrasounds and xrays and get out a couple of medical books as i think she is a little confused with her!

    Who is your naturopath? that is amazing what they did for your mother. Wow what a miracle. I wish they were able to help my Lizzy too.

    Speak to you soon hopefully

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