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Thread: Coughing, honking with collapsed trachea.

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    Default Coughing, honking with collapsed trachea.

    My little girl tessa, 16 year old aust silky terrier x was diagnosed with collapsed trachea about 3 years ago and has been on nuelin tablets since. Lately she has been coughing more regularly and off her food. Well she will eat our food just not dog food.
    If she is active for a while or has a drink she begins coughing honking and ends up dryreaching but does not do those backward sneezes things that she did before the nuelin.

    Funds have been tight with new baby on the way and our house half way through renovations so havnt made it to the vet as yet but will if she doesn't improve. I gave her a course of antibiotics that I had for her and looks like she may have had a urinary Tract infection cos she had been peeing several times overnight which has stopped

    I'm wondering if there is something that I might have around the house that is worth a try like a ventolin puffer or something to settle her when she is honking away.

    I know it's annoying oh but he knows not to say anything cos she's so old and I'll stick up for her.

    Apart from the cough she is still pretty healthy for her age. A few skin issues that's about it.

    Any help would be great

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    At that great age, coughing can also be due to cardiac reasons........ Many old dogs and people get symptoms which a lot of people mistake for lung problems
    Pets are forever

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    A quick Google seems to indicate that you could try childrens cough syrup, although I'd be inclined to ask the vet's opinion first.

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    At that age, i personally wouldnt want to muck round with stff round the house.

    off to the vet.

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    Default Fenny. Chihuahua -Ali .Male 11 years with COPD.

    Hi. My chihuahua is on nuelin and also flexitide inhaler. I use a surgical mask used in operations to get a good seal around the nose and place the puffer in the end. He seems to know what to do and has three deep breaths . He has COPD and asthma with allergies but so far it has been wonderful. He must breathe clean warm air or he developes what seems like a full blown cold. He did have pancreatitis due to not wanting to eat because of all the mucus filling his stomach and not being able to smell his food. he only ate what he could smell or taste and as i found out the food was too rich for him. He now eats bland food (cooked meat, no fat , porridge ,egg whites etc)with lots of veges. He is like a puppy now yet is 11 years old. I also give him lots of fish oil which helps his allergies,skin,smooth lining of his airways and aches and pains. I have used fish oil long before it became fashionable - - like 25 years. Ventolin will make her heart race and increase her blood pressure so don't use it. Hope this helps. Regards Fenny.

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    this is a very old thread - so hopefully the opening poster (OP) has sorted her dog's problems but your post may help someone else.

    I'm going to close the thread anyway - but you can start a new one if you want some more up to date info.


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