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Thread: Parvovirus outbreak hits Queensland

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    Default Parvovirus outbreak hits Queensland

    Saw this on ninemsn:

    Parvovirus outbreak hits Queensland

    Timely warning for any new puppy owners !
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    Wow that's a very high mortality rate re time period.
    Wondering if they will do any research into perhaps finding it to be a more virulent strain?
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    I spoke to my vet about this last week. Bundy seems to have a outbreak nearly every year.

    The vet and a nurse both said that they have seen hardly any cases at all but have heard about the outbreak.

    The nurse made, what i thought was a fair remark. It was along the lines of them been situated in a fairly .......shall we say mid to upmarket area. The type of area where a majority of people would have the money or the attitude to actually get the necessary injections to prevent the disease.

    Might sound a bit harsh but i could see what she was getting at. Anyway......It's sad to see so many dogs getting this dreaded disease. When i first got my last pup 'Scooby' from the pound he was already infected with it and we nearly lost him but due to the excellent work of my vet at the time and Scoob's will to live he managed to pull through. I rang the pound to tell them because he had a sister in there with him. They didnt seem to care at all.

    I was pretty pissed off with thier attitude towards the whole thing. I hope his sister was lucky enough to survive it aswell as i assume she would have caught it aswell.
    It's a bloody terrible way to die.

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    It is a horrible way to's an extremely horrid virus.
    So glad Scoob pulled through,so did our Choppa Dog after we were told he was needled but wasnt.
    Scoobs poor sister though....
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    I watched a Cocker Spaniel pup die of parvo when I was a kid. It is a shocking illness.

    I could be wrong, but I think not de-sexing or vaccinating is often more prevalent in country areas too? The rescue organisation I work for told me that they find it hard to find people willing to pay the adoption fee for their fosters when they can just go get a kitten or pup from a farm for free. And often don't spend any money on vets. I'm sure that is a generalisation and you would at least expect that farmers who rely on their dogs for work have a different attitude.

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    South Australia also gets parvo outbreaks from time to time too, usually in areas where people are less likely to get their dogs vaccinated.

    We actually had to stop there on Sunday on the way to the Riverland - because somebody on the back seat announced she was about to explode - so I pulled off the main road and stopped at the first bit of park I could find, and she duely exploded. Of course there were no bins at that park, so I triple bagged the deposit and had to stop again at the next shopping centre / takeaway centre to get rid of it. Argh.

    I'm glad she's vaccinated.

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    Beloz, country folk are very like that. I grew up in a country town where working dogs were starved to death, animals were never desexed let alone vaccinated and never mind heading to a pet shop or registered breeder because you knew of somebody who would have a litter of something for free. Sadly some of these animals were dumped at the local park or put in trash bags and thrown into the river, that was just the general attitude.

    Part of the problem was not enough education, there was only one inspector for the region (about 4 or 5 small towns) so it was hard to monitor any abuse and the majority of the community was quite poor.

    Our dogs have always been vaccinated, they were always our pride and joy.

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    Here is some more general information regarding Canine Parvovirus from Pfizor:

    Canine Parvovirus

    Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that attacks the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. It is a very hardy virus, which can survive for 12 months or more in the environment. Special disinfectants are required to kill the virus. The virus is usually spread when dogs come into contact with contaminated faeces and soil.

    Dog kennels, parks, showgrounds and nature strips are all major sources of infection. It is important to realise that dogs do not have to come into contact with other dogs to become infected with parvovirus.

    After exposure to the virus, dogs will often develop a fever and may suffer severe abdominal pain, followed by profuse vomiting and diarrhoea (which often contains blood). A high mortality rate amongst infected puppies can be expected. Some dogs may survive depending on how quickly treatment is sought. Treatment usually involves intensive care for several days in a veterinary hospital, and can be very expensive however is not always successful.

    It is important that all puppies commence a vaccination program from 6-8 weeks of age and that all adult dogs have their boosters.

    The best way to protect your pup is to follow your vet's protocol and vaccinate your pup.

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    Yes it is a truly horrible disease as others have mentioned. It is so needless and cruel to watch puppies go through this, and yes, the mortality rate is very high.

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    Thats nothing new. It's around all the time and it does kill a lot of unvaccinated pups. It's because there are too many people who dont see the need to vaccinate their pups and then bleat about the vet bill when the poor thing is pouring out from both ends.

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