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Thread: Fungal Nasal Disease

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    Pleased that you have been able to come to a decision - and also pleased that you are going down the medicine route. There are newer and newer drugs coming out all the time - so hopefully there will be one to help your pup. I have a real fear of pups going under an anaesthetic when they are run down.

    Yes, I have also learned a lot from this thread. I have had to deal with a lot of other things over the years - but not this one.

    Be guided with what your specialist says - and the question that I always ask when I have found myself in difficult positions like this in the past - is - 'What would you do if this was your pup ?'

    Heaps of Good Luck Wishes and Hugs !

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    Just an update. Just started the 2nd Month of meds and so far so good.

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