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Thread: Dog Vaccines link to joint problems

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    Our dog has not had any vacines for 3 years (he is 8 years now).
    I stopped as he has quite bad luxating patella and it seemed to me there was no point to ongoiung vaccination (all puppy ones done and yearly for 5 years).

    So far, so good...
    The biggest issue we now have is that dog club and boarding kennels all want proof of vacination before we can attend. I have disputed this with our dog club from time to time....its a ongoing debate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavalierqld View Post
    Was just talking to a friend who's dogs have not had a booster for 2 yrs and passed on your links (hope thats ok) and a few others I found lurking in the depths of my puter as she is also interested in combating unneccessary vaccines, levels of toxins and unnecessary treatments in her dogs .
    She wonders if the blood tests (Titres) need to be sent away or are the results available straight away?

    Also what are your thoughts on heartworm? is that another neccessary evil as is tick and flea treatments?
    Titers are sent away for analysis.

    Newfsie- where do you have your titres done (analysed, not taking the blood!!)? Here in Oz, or OS? I've been sending mine to Jean Dodds (Hemopet)- they're $45 (US) and if I do all three dogs at the same time, with vet, FedEx and the analysis, it comes out to about $90 per dog... Which is far cheaper than having it done here at home, I think?

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    Same place as you V&F
    Pets are forever

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    So I'm right. Getting vax as needed and titre testing - costs more than getting an annual C5.

    But I'm beginning to wonder if the C5 is contributing to our current skin rash problems. And I really don't want my evil hound to have joint problems. It's going to make re-joining at dog club next January interesting. I know a few that just don't bring their dogs. And don't tell anyone, but one who doesn't bring her dogs - but does but doesn't tell anyone if you know what I mean.

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