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    Hey, i have a Rotty X who will be 2 in May.. and shes having problems sitting down and standing up. Its her back legs that seem weak.
    She has been like this for a while but my parents insist shes fine when i can see she struggles.
    The thing is.. she plays and runs around like crazy and her legs dont bother her... but its only when she sits or has to get up that her legs are like this.
    Im thinking shes too young for these kind of problems.
    I will have to take her to the vet.. but im hoping some one can help.
    She is getting fat too.. my dad keeps saying shes not but she is. He wont stop feeding her and its my dog.
    Mum is saying she doesnt eat that much but theres no way she would be thiss big otherwise.

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    Hi LaBellaVita!

    First thing I would do is take control of all feeding. Do not let your parents give her anything, only you so you can restrict the amount of food she is eating. I would also book her into the vet ASAP. I am no expert but could it be caused by hip dysplasia?! If it is the extra weight will certainly not help at all. Maybe when you take her to the vet have your parents join you so they can hear from the vet that she is overweight etc.

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    Most likely hip dysplasia...first thing to do is to get the weight off and go and see a vet. Sadly very common on large dogs. Often you don't notice it so much when they are running/playing, until later
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    i had the same problem with my mum giving my dog extra meals, my dog was getting fat & i would try to let my mum know that it wasn't healthy to be giving her all this extra food & i would continually fight with her over the topic but to no avail. It wasn't until she had to take my dog to the vet whilst i was on holiday and hear from the vet herself that my dog was overweight that she stopped giving her extra food. So i agree on taking her to the vet with your parents in tow so they can be there to hear it straight from the horses mouth.

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    I agree with possible hip dysplasia. Hopefully it is only mild but if you do not get on top of the dogs weight NOW it will get worse, I would also restrict running around etc until after your dog sees a vet. The cold weather may be making it more painful for your dog so try to keep her warm.

    I would recommend you see a Chiro Vet not a just a normal GP vet. A Chiro vet should be able to tell if your dog has HD without X-rays (although may have to Xray to ascertain the Grade of the HD) and should be able to help by putting you onto a diet/excercise/supplement plan for your dog (should it only be a mild case of HD). If you can't find a good Chiro I would suggest you go to your GP Vet and get a referral to a Specialist.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have booked her into the Vet tonight for her vaccination and to ask about her legs.
    Im really hoping she will be ok. Ill probably take my mum with me because i know my dad wont want to come.
    Im also going to ask about how much to feed her.

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