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Thread: Vaccination Question

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    Default Vaccination Question

    Our puppy had a c4 vaccination at 8 weeks of age and i was wondering if that covers him for a year? When my current dog was a puppy i got him 3 vaccinations and then later found out from a different vet he didn't in fact need that many.

    If not, when should i get him another one and what type? c3 or another c4? thanks in advance

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    From what I remember there are three vaccinations that need to be done, one at 6-8 weeks, one at 10-12 weeks and one at 14-16 weeks. I personally would opt for a full C5 vaccination as well, if you ever need to kennel him most will only accept dogs with the full C5 vaccination done.

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    i'm farely sure there is 3 you need to get done.

    i definatley got 3 when gypsy was a pup
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    Yep, you need about 3 I think. I think he requires booster shots in another month, something like that. The vet should advise you

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    Check with your favourite vet.

    For my dog - it was three vet visits - 2 weeks apart to make the full set, then after that it's up to your vet. There's all sorts of different information about whether to get C5 every year, or just boosters for the viruses that change often like Kennel cough and for some of the others - doing an immunity test and only boosting when they need it. I suspect that having separate vax as needed could be more expensive, but some dogs react badly to vaccinations, and the Aus Vet Association recommends the less vax routine.

    But if you're joining a dog club or ever boarding your dog, you will need the C5 every year.

    I can never remember which needs doing when, and my dog gets the C5 every year. So far she's been fine.

    PS i think there is a different vax that requires only one shot - but again - check with your vet. I don't think C4 sounds like enough.

    there's also heart worm, digestive worms including hydatids/tape worm and maybe fleas and ticks you need to manage / prevent for your dog.

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    Did pup have a vaccination before you bought it home? That may be why your up to C4, your next Vacc would be C5 in 2 weeks.

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    i thought the schedule was 6, 12 and 18 weeks, and then a booster every 12 months - i've never taken any notice of what they give, i just assume they know what they're doing. I also get the 12 monthly heartworm injection so i don't have to worry about forgetting to give him tablets. Other than that i treat intestinal worms, after about 24 months almost never(i think once since he was 2 years - now 6), never for fleas(he sleeps in my bed so if i ever get flea bites then i'll treat him)

    eta :i should say that opting not to bother treating him for intestinal worms or fleas was done in consultation with my vet.

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    I only did two as per my Breeder.........And an annual at 1 year and 2 years...there-after titer's and the older dogs have not needed to be vaccinated.

    I only worm after doing a worm-count, same as the horses and cattle.........And with all our rotations we have not needed to worm either.

    I think if I lived in the city or busy suburban area it would be a totally different matter.

    I now only treat (preventative) for heartworm in Mosquito time and get them checked pre starting preventative again after Winter. I am trying really hard not to put too many chemicals into our dogs. Since having read so much on the why more cancers occur in both humans and dogs.

    I read some awful things about the yearly heartworm injection and it is banned in the USA.

    All the stuff we have to put on our dogs is a real worry to me
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    We do 3 shots total as puppies then the booster 1 year later. After that it's only every 3 or so years.

    I also only do a C3, I don't bother with kennel cough, I just keep my dog away from others who have symptoms as it's a short lived virus like the human flu.

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