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Thread: Should I worry about obstruction?

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    At least she is doing "touch" again and eating her boring rice/chicken/oats/veggies, all cooked....She is so not impressed with this diet. I gave her lots of bran too. We are keeping it all moving along
    Pets are forever

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    And this would be another reason why I don't feed my dog any bones.

    My friend - did I write this already? recently spent $6000 getting a bone out of her dog's aesophagus. But that dog couldn't eat anything and was really pathetic, so she knew something was horribly wrong.

    My dog vomits or has trouble passing bones - usually at 3am - so I just don't bother any more. If anyone would like a dog to find all the old bones they have on their property - my dog is very good at it.

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    I have to write, tho, that I don't like vertebra/tail bones. I've never had a problem, cos my dogs chew on bones like men smoke cigars, settle down and enjoy it slowly, BUT I was told a horror story of a such a bone wedging, then piercing the bowel with one of those winged protrusions and moving forward... and a big op. I have been known to smash them about with a lump hammer, if feeding them, with nothing else available.
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