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Thread: Satin Balls

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    If this was my 'mum pup', I would be very reluctant to be adding anything different to her diet while she is still feeding babies. You have no idea how this change is going to not only affect mum - but also babies.

    The vet has said that she looks great, so I would take that comment on board as being correct. I am presuming this is the same vet that you have been using all through this time.

    So does she really need the extra food ?

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    She seriously needs the extra food yes.
    I am feeding her 2 cups of kibble per day.
    Half a kilo of satin balls and a kilo of her normal meal..
    This is per day..
    Her ribs are showing badly but her puppies are getting
    very big and this will be the time where they will really
    take it out of her...
    All long as she's eating, this is the main thing..
    Oh and she has 3 chicken frames every second day..

    I usually give her comfortis which works great for her
    but can't give as it hasn't been tested while feeding babies
    so I am using advantix I think it is which is crap for her,
    never works for her , and I notice she is still scratching..

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    Are the pups getting solid food yet? How old are they now?

    Sometimes feeding them up reduces the strain on mum dramatically. Don't forget too that she will still be a different shape and tone to normal. Having been stretched and full of pups means she will have softer muscle and skin tone for a while yet.

    Do you have a pic of her?

    When we have a big litter we pretty much double normal maintenance intake, so our normal 1/2kg of meat and 3 cups kibble turns into 1kg meat and 6 cups. We also supplement with milk formula. I use Palastart Lamb and Kid Milk powder -at peak lactation up to about 4 or 5 litres a day.

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    Pups are only 2 weeks and 3 days old so not eating on their own..
    I can't wait until they are up and about but it's like waiting for a baby
    to walk, once they do LOOK OUT.. lol

    No picture of mum yet..I really want to get her in good condition before
    people come view pups.. She was so fit and beautiful before hand..
    Once puppies are weaned off her she will bounce back...

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    I never found Satin Balls upset my dogs digestion, ie. stools were solid, good colour, frequent. The only effect was the amount of poo.
    But pups are different and im no breeder.

    However, ive breast fed my babies, and yeah, sure occasionally strawberries would give the babies loose stools, but as long as it wasnt gastro proportion stuff, what's the issue? If you feed your dog well, and i seriously suspect LL that you do, this is not a hugely enriched diet, this is a tad boring bulk adding and fat adding diet, neither are known to cause gastro upsets, its the richer foods that cause reactions.

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