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Thread: Molly needs to go on a diet...

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    If I were you, I'd drop the biscuits through the day between 3. Always one will eat most. What I would do is cut back 1/2 of the fresh, buy a 2nd food processor, because I'm squeamish. blitz it to slush, then add grated carrot/bit of apple, maybe a bit of broccoli, blitz again and divide the meals into 2 or 3, with 6? biscuits every 2nd day, to add a few minerals. Perhaps add water, so that the calories are the same, but the belly is fuller. When the weather is hot, you can do the trick with the 4 litre ice block, so they feel they are eating all day. (I say this feeding corn chips to my pet sheep, as I type...) But I would go to the butcher and get bones with almost nothing on them, to give to my baby and make her FEEL she is eating a lot.

    PS My vet told me, for short term diets, to just feed pretty thinly covered bones, so they can chew all day
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    I feel like such a cruel bitch, they all look at me when they're finished like 'is that it?' lol

    Not a fan of the bones, they use to have brisket bones all the time whilst i was at work (I leave one of the back sliding doors open for them so they can go in and out of the house)- but got too smelly and i'd fine the odd hidden bone down the side of the lounge suite.. so no more bones. That's why i like their gummy bones, they don't rot so it doesn't matter where they put them. I will look taking away half the raw and adding vegetables instead, since i have no idea whether Phuds would be any good or not.

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    Changing any eating habit - takes time and patience - whether it be for us personally or our pets. You are allowing them to push your buttons and they get the reaction they want. Probably in the past you have given in and given them more to eat - so all they are doing is training you very well.

    I use actual weight of food - not cups or whatever measuring thing you are using. Your pup is approx 15 kgs now and the vet has suggested say a 3 kg drop. It does not all have to come off in the next week. Slowly, slowly is the best way. Aim for approx 1% reduction in weight per week.

    Now you need to get the calculator out. Approx 2% of the dog's weight is the food requirement for the dog per day to maintain weight. Other people may use different %s, but this is what my vet suggests. So, if you are trying to get weight off the pup, then the calculation needs to be done not on the 15kg the dog is at the present, but say 14kg. Once the pup has reached this weight then adjust down again - i.e. for 13kg then 12 kg. This is slow, but it does work.

    Most important - weigh everything that the dog eats per day. Unless you know the actual weight of what the pup is eating now - snacks included - it is really an uphill battle. You need base figures to start with. I believe you will be absolutely gob-smacked with the actual weight of food you are giving the pup - I know that I was when I went through this exercise.

    Now as to the food:

    I use BlackHawk for dry - that is my preference - though as others have said there are other brands out there that would be just as suitable.

    I use:
    canned - mackerel, sardines, tuna, salmon, fresh fish that is on special;
    frozen vegetables from the supermarket - mixed, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, peas; fresh carrots - either whole, sliced or whatever; apples are good also.
    mince - chicken or meat - but low fat and human grade; liver - but not heart. These, my pup doesn't get very often because I believe he gets enough from the dry, fish and vegetables.

    My pup gets fish added to dry maybe 3 or 4 times per week, then the other times the vegetables get added to the dry.

    Bones - yes he gets bones - but this is included in the overall daily food weight allowance. So things like chicken wings, necks, brisket bones can all be eaten totally by the pup - so gets included in the total weight of food allowed per day.

    My pup also gets feed twice a day from his own food bowl. I do this so if I have to adjust the night meal I can - depending on what has happened through the day - visitors, training and so on.

    So don't feel that you are the 'biggest b***h that God gave breath to' - because that is a waste of energy on your part - and no help to the pup.

    I hope that I have explained things properly for you and the above makes sense.

    Take care and good luck.


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    I get the depressing feeling I should hand over my food budget to RileyJ and live with that discipline for 3 years. Sigh.

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    Thanks for that riley! You are so right - they definitely have me trained!

    I will go out and get measuring scales right away (cause i don't have any lol) and start weighing up their food accordingly - so 280g is her daily limit? (2% of 14kg) I have already gone out and grabbed a bag of carrots, some brocolli, apple & beans to put in with their meal.

    My girl loves her beef hearts - so should i be eliminating it from her meal? She is not a fan of liver or kidneys. I'm also going down to the big butcher this weekend and look at some other alternatives to give her (fish, chicken etc)

    I think i'm going to keep her off the dry biscuits for now until i can get some black hawk or other holistic brand.
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    Well OH kindly informed me that we do indeed have kitchen scales (goes to show you how much i cook lol) and i just whipped up what i usually give her & i wasn't too far off. Except that was excluding the half a handful of kibble i give her, so i was still over feeding her

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    I agree with Riley.

    Cut back everything by a set amount (I was thinking 10%, if you feed 10% less of everything, it's got to have 10% less calories). This means you do have to measure everything so you can work out what 10% is. And I would not make sudden changes either. Like Riley said.

    No free feeding - ie no bowl of food out all day. I didn't think you were doing this, but clearly some people did.

    I stopped feeding Frosty the rawhide bones - because she would demolish the large sized ones in about 5 to 10 minutes - when it used to take her several days. But it takes her about 2 minutes to knock off a slice of pig trotter gift from a friend, when friends dogs took all day to eat theirs. I sometimes give her a "rawhide chip" ie thin slice of the stuff. or a piece of roo jerky, but the roo jerky is quite high calorie being a dried piece of muscle meat - so that means less dinner.

    Mixing in veg like carrot, brown rice (goes straight through), corn (also goes straight through), sweet potato, pumpkin etc will help them feel fuller but wear it less. When I eat potato, it's the mayo, cheese and sour cream that does the damage.

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    Menageriemanor - no - I don't want the responsibility of your food budget - thanks for the offer - I get into enough trouble with my own.

    Hyacinth - thanks for your support.

    Kuri_89 - I am pleased my post made sense to you - I was a bit worried that it would be a bit overboard. All I wanted to do was to give you something to work with.

    While I was typing that stuff - I did have a bit of a giggle thinking - it is a bit like saying do as I say - not as I do ! I know for sure when I take the pup to the vet next week for his yearly visit - the vet will have us both lined up against the surgery wall - pointing at us individually - saying - you and you need to lose weight ! I can't wait ! So this has been good for me to go through all of this stuff again.

    So to answer some of your queries:

    All pups in the household to be fed from their own bowls - this is the only way to know for sure what each pup is eating. No food to be left out over the day after breakfast - they do not need it.

    Only you know what vegetables, fruit and such that your pups like - but regardless - slowly slowly and little amounts for any changes - otherwise there will definitely be mutiny in the ranks and tears.

    As far as the dry food - I would not be cutting that out at all. I would be using that as the base food. There is nothing wrong at all just feeding dry - as long as it is classed as complete. I don't have enough confidence in just feeding raw - so dry for my pup is where I start from. Dry makes from 70% up to 100% of his daily diet. I know that a lot of the stuff I add to his meal is unnecessary - but it makes me feel better !

    Beef hearts are fine - but they are very rich and full on. All I would do is give less - not cut it out - just less.

    280 gms - yes - calculator is working fine ! Most important - no snacks during the day - other than low cal stuff.

    Chicken is fine - wings and so on. I love getting the pup chicken carcasses and cutting them up - he loves them.

    End of lesson - just remember nothing is written into stone - everything can and will be adjusted as you go along.

    Again - Good Luck !

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    Ok- we have a very food obsessed beagle who had to loose wt: we did this and it wked.

    - ONE meal only per day
    - no food left out/ no grazing/ no scraps/ no treats
    - we feed BARF and raw- lots of bones, no grains at all (ie no carb diet).

    He gets at 6pm every night and thats it.

    You sound like you are projecting a lot of human emotions onto the dog. The dog will be fine.

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    I'm just wondering if any of us spend 10% of the time we spend on the animals diet, on our own. I don't think I'll ' lol'. A quiet chuckle or a wry grin will do. I knew a woman who had an Irish Setter, who would stand at the chopping board and drool like a mastiff over carrot. At Xmas, I bought him a huge carrot, which he ate like bone, deliriously happy. Why can't I feel THAT excited about raw carrot?

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