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    hi people

    I have a 5 month old Rottie. Am due to purchase some heart worm tablets as i have run out. any recommendations? I have noticed valuheart are substantially cheaper. Is the quality compromised?

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    I use Interceptor for my two, it does heartworm and intestinal worms monthly. Its around $55-60 for a 6 month box (depending on the weight of your pup it may be cheaper). The vet recommended this to us when Harley was a pup and we have used it ever since!

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    Hi tank, I use the interceptor only because i always have so not sure if there is an unsuitable level of quality in the cheaper brands, that is a really good question as I have seen them very cheap on the net.
    If you do buy, buy over the net as you can sometimes get what you need for less than half price.
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