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Thread: Do ear cuts ever stop bleeding

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    Default Do ear cuts ever stop bleeding

    Thaught it would be a nice treat to get the rotties pig trotters today after work it's been too long since they had a bone. I was picking up the dog poo while they were eating happily on either side of yard. Harley must of decided with all of his toughness he deserved lilys pig trotter. As you can imagine lily did not agree.

    They had a bit of a fight ( no more than a wrestle up in the air) nobody cried or cared after I came over yelling pointing the pooper scooper at them threatening to take there bones. They went back to there bones and carrying on eating.

    5 mins or so later I finished picking up everything and went to put the scooper away and noticed Harley's trotter was bloodier than before then actually realized that there was drops of blood everywhere I ran to him and noticed that lily must have bit him on the end of his ear and ripped it to the end (2cm) I ran inside washed hands and got a towel called OH who thaught there had been a murder just about outside l

    I put pressure on his ear and every time I seemed to stop the bleeding he would shake his head and it would piss out again. Literally held a bloodied towel to his head for 2 hours. 5 mins to stop bleeding check shake, repeat.

    I was thinking vet trip but the only option was busy expensive emergency clinic that said they had at least 3 1/2 hour wait I had plenty of left over bandages from when he cut his foot open

    So I get out the super glue that I added to first aid kit after he split the pad on his foot open and put on a few drops. Works like a gem until he shakes then again blood dripping out everywhere. Tried a bandage he pulled it down blood dripping out again. Finally I ended up having to put gauze and tape over the tip then tape the ear down so even if he got bandage off the bugger was still taped down. Then just wrapped him up all around the head tight enough that hopefully he can't get it off and not so tight to choke him. Hopefully lol.

    Was going to have him sleep inside but the blood splatter all over our back yard would not look good in my bedroom. He is sleeping alone on verander insted and I'll get up regularly to check on him.

    When I finished I came inside I looked like a scene from Texas chainsaw massacre. I had blood from head to toes. All over my clothes face hair was drops

    Poor little Harley got beaten up by a girl at 60kgs he is a big lump of softie. But he was a good sport about it sat patiently while I held his ear 3 1/2 hours in total I was out there and I bet if I took the bandage off it would still bleed

    Anyone else had a similar accident if so how did u stop the bleeding. If tomorrow it's no better he will have to go to the vet but hopefully the glue will hold by then and it will stop bleeding grrrrrr. Always hurting himself.

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    Oh dear, ear cuts are the worst. Flour works in a pinch, it soaks up the blood, clogs the wound and it's safe, we use it on the dogs nails if we hit a quick and don't have any potassium permangenate on hand.

    I had cut one of my girls nails a little too short once and we went to the park a few hours later, the scene in the back of the car from the trip home looked similar to the one you described. It just wouldn't stop until we used flour and stopped her moving for a while.

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    I woke up hourly last night to check on him from about 3 when I finally got to sleep first few hours he was sleeping next few he was munching on the remaining trotter. I can see he has been tryin to get the bandage off with no luck. And best of all he didnt destroy anything on the verander. Well at least not with his teeth. Plenty of stuff is covered in blood.

    Thanks crested when I'm brave enough to remove the bandage I'll have flour on hand

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    My old dog had a dog bite the tip of her ear once and I know what you mean about it looking like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! It took ages to heal too because every time a scab had formed, all she had to do was shake her head vigorously a couple of times to make it open again. I can't really remember what I did, I'm afraid. I think I just kept wiping off the blood splatters and eventually it did heal.

    I'll definitely remember the flour tip!

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    Oh poor Harley, hope the bleeding has all dried up today and you can relax, love that the pigs trotter was his only concern and he sat patiently for you, he sounds like a beautiful boy

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    im to scared to take off the bandage to see but im sure it wont be long till he has it off. he is a real sweety, he was even sitting there while tessa (16 year old silky terrier ) was having a go at the trotter. at the moment he is rubbing his head on the ground trying to get it off.

    anyway trying to upload pics of him cos he looks so cute

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