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Thread: Tessa not well again tonight

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    Default Tessa not well again tonight

    My poor old girl Tessa has had a bad afternoon. At about 530 she was sleeping neer me and all off a sudden she jumped up with a fright and was dripping wet in urine. She looked dazed (as u would) and I walked her outside but cos her feet were wet from the wee she slipped off the back step ( about 15cm ) she got up and made her way out to the grass had another wee and stood there I called her and she was limping with her front left leg ( like pushing it out in front without bending knee ) I carried her in and felt her leg no prickles no apparent injury or pain. I put her on her bed and kept an eye on her she was shaking a bit and holding that leg funny but just had a sleep. She got up a bit later and was pushing the leg along again kind of like a blind man with a cane but not putting weight on it. Then it was my tea time and she was as if nothing was wrong hovering under me catching scraps ect.

    While I was washing up she started holding that leg up again like she was going to shake then lent in towards that side kind of like walking in circles. ( virtigo like)

    I held her and she straightened up within a minute or two.

    She does have grotty ears so I'm about to give them a clean and check for infection and at almost 17 years old she does have some mild arthritis at times

    Does anyone have any ideas on what might be going on. I will take her to the vet tomorrow if not better and we have the emergency vet in the neighbourhood if it turns serious

    At her age I don't want to run lost of intrusive tests and put her through anything unnecessary

    At the moment she is just sleeping. Sorry it's so long.

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    Poor Tessa I've no idea what it could be though

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    If her ears are clagged, that could affect her balance.

    And she could be bruised from falling off the step.

    No idea about the pee problem - vet check or supervising when she gets to drink and when she gets to go out might help. And I think there are some medications for dog incontinence.

    16+ years is huge for a dog though - so all sorts of bits and pieces could be falling apart or just generally fragile.

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    Being she is so old it could be a TIA (mini-stroke) or a little could be the reason for the incontinence and the fall/slip/ Also the fact she is doing some odd things with her leg........One of my newfies had many mini strokes over his last years and there were many different symptoms. But the incontinence was a constant with the vertigo type problem.....BUT here is hoping it is a mucky ear
    Give Tessa a hug form my Tessa and me
    Pets are forever

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    Thanks guys. I cleaned her ears one was dirty but no redness or pain or anything there.
    Her continence has been bad over the last few months all the floorboards in our house are waterdamaged. But we have just found that she will go on those puppy training pads at night so hopefully that will help a bit
    I often find her bed wet but have never actually caught her doing it do it's defiantly not a conscious thing that she does. Her leg appears completly fine today no pain or anything sus.
    Hmm possibly could have been a Tia
    She seems ok thismorning OH will come home several times during the day and I'll take her to the vet after work.

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