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    I am new to dog ownership, having owned only cats for the last 18 years or so. We adopted a little bitser dog about 8 weeks ago. I've never been particularly into dogs but I saw this little guy's deep brown eyes and just fell head over heels. He's lovely and we wished we'd known him for his whole life. He's about 5ish.

    About 2 weeks ago he got a sore eye - a scrape on his cornea. Took him straight to the vet and it was thought to be a small cut and he got drops/ointment/pain killers etc... with the expectation it'd heal in just a couple of days. Well, 2 weeks on and 4 trips back to check it and a couple of hundred dollars later it's no worse and no better. It is now officially called an Indolet Corneal Ulcer.

    Vet tells me option 1 is to wait longer and see if it heals but they don't think this will happen.

    Option 2 is a procedure they can do which is $300-400, will likely work, but for 7-10 days they'll have no way of knowing if it's getting better or worse.

    Option 3 they call the "gold standard" and it involves a visit to the Vet Opthalmologist with a consult of $160 and a procedure of $1600-$1800. I rang the Vet Specialist clinic to find out about it and the nurse went and spoke to the actual Opthal... the message came back that the procedure isn't always necessary, but she wouldn't know until they'd seen him. Fair enough, but then it made we wonder about the necessity of it as recommended by the normal vet.

    I can't work out what to do. That is all the info I have to make the decision. How do I know if he needs the gold standard version? Am I being cheap leaning towards option 2? My feeling of responsibility to my little mate, and the fact that we LOVE him to bits makes me want to get him the best possible treatment, but is it possible they just told me about option 3 to make the price of option 2 look ok? A family member is about to have human surgery and I'm expecting a few thousand in bills real soon so I need to make a rational and preferably economical decision. Is that fact making me cynical about their motives?

    No idea what to do. I don't imagine any of you out there have the magic answer for me, but I'm all in a quandry so thought I'd post and see if anyone has any wise words. I am currently wishing that this afternoon's check up appointment will show that it's finally healing. That would make it all better. :-(

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    I totally understand this. I don't trust all vets. There are some gems out there and then there are those who either are in it for the money or just want to come across as if they know more than they do or can, if you know what I mean.

    Even though you probably don't want to spend any more money than necessary, I think a good move could be to get a second opinion from another vet first if you have that option. Maybe some of the Brisbanites here can recommend one?

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    Hi. A second opinion from another vet may make things clearer.
    One of mine had an eye op at 3 months for ulceration. The 3rd eyelid was buttoned . All went well and he has no problems. He is two years, 5 months old now.

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    Another opinion sounds like a good idea.

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    I wen the specialist just now with my Katy..there were other options and "possibly will heal", but I decided to go with the specialist.

    I also saw whilst I was with the specialist that they do pay options by credit companies. A bit like buying at Harvey Norman and such with minimal interest. Thus costing less then putting it on credit card.

    I just hear all the info whilst I was waiting to see the Surgeon with Katy...Sounded good. This lady's dog was not insured and she was up for a very large bill, if the dog was operated on.....

    I hope you find a solution that you are happy with
    Pets are forever

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    I'm feeling much better now. It was the second opinion vet (same practice) that gave me the details of the procedures, but I'm now back with the first vet and he has spoken directly to the specialist for me and there are other options opening up to us (in the mid range of price - perhaps that procedure that was discussed first won't even be necessary) and, the possibility that this is just a slow healing ulcer. Whilst we've been to-ing and fro-ing to work out what to do, the ulcer seems to have gotten slightly less deep, so perhaps it will heal. We are giving it another week and if it's not shown a big difference by then he will ring the specialist again, but it might not be the big exxy procedure anyway. I'm feeling like I'm in a good place now that our first vet is working to smooth the way for us if we do have to go to the specialist and I'm not in the dark about big scary and expensive procedures that we may or may not need.

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