Lol sounds very tasty but I don't think Sammy would eat it. Myself on the other hand... I live basically at Glenelg so might go have a look this weekend I lived in Sydney up until a year ago so I'm still a bit clueless with these things. Fritz he loves - we use that for training but even then, I kid you not, he will do the command/trick and ignore the food half the time. He just has next to no food drive, but fortunately what he lacks in food drive he more than makes up for in prey (maybe I should make him chase his dinner... lol).

The amazing thing about Sammy is how much he's able to do with so little food - the efficiencies are mind-boggling. Zoe on the other hand is the reverse. How she can eat so much food and not be obese is beyond me.

I think I'm going to have to stick with the puppy food for now, I imagine that if I had them on different foods he would want hers anyway - she'd probably end up on the adult and him on the puppy :s