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Thread: Off to the vet this arvo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mymatejack View Post
    I hope its just a sprain Lala. When Jack was younger he had some trouble with one of his rear legs, sometimes after playing ball he would go around holding his leg off the ground(never saw him limp while playing, just after he had cooled off) and the vet wanted to take x-rays and stuff. I ended up just keeping him quiet for a couple of weeks and then making sure when i threw the ball for him it was into water so there were no tumbles or jumps while trying to catch the ball. Its come back on a couple of occasions since but it always goes away again - i'm guessing there's a fair chance he will have arthritis if he lives to an old age.
    Hey mmj, she said it is unlikely to just be a strain. She thinks he has probably had low level HD for a long time and the reason he occasionally seems to have "strained" himself is when he does something that jars it and aggravates it type thing.

    But maybe when the xrays come back thats what itll be (a strain I mean) that would be excellent! Thouh to be honest, since he was about 2 and we saw his size etc, we had a bit of a premonition that we might have issues with his hips as he got older.

    Our rule was always that when he turned 7 (which is april) that we would start him on glucsamine to help slow down/help any issues that might arise.

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    I hope he feels better soon - can be very scary when you don't know exactly what's wrong.

    And don't worry about the peeing inside thing, it's just a lot of dogs do pee in the vets (and pet shops too). Sammy once peed in a pet shop and he's the sort of dog who will wait over 12 hours if he's somehow been locked inside and never has accidents. No this was intentional. Well we told him off and made sure he was crystal clear on the fact that I couldn't care less how many dogs have peed somewhere, if it's inside, it's inside and peeing is not done inside. Hasn't happened again, but as an entire male, I know I have to watch him when we're in an area other dogs have peed.

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