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    Hi All!

    My puppy is 16 weeks and I was so excited to bring her to the Vet for her last puppy vaccination so I can start walking her around. Our vet told us that she needed one last booster next month before I can do just that. I thought they only needed 3 shots and then the annual booster thereafter?!

    My puppy's vaccination record looks like this:
    21.12.11: Canvac'3 Vaccine
    27.1.12: Protech C3
    27.2.12: Protech C3, Protech C2i, Canigen KC

    The one for next month is the C2i and the KC, Is it necessary to get those before introducing my puppy to other dogs?!

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    It's okay to introduce her to other dogs so long as they are vaccinated and healthy. I thought there were only 3 shots as well, I just use to get full c5.

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    Hi lucyandkat

    how many vaccines and when depends on what your puppy's breeder and vet have started, what your vet follows up with (hopefully the same plan) etc. There are different numbers of shots depending which.

    I would be looking for C5 certification. And I wouldn't walk my dog where dogs I don't know have been vaccinated to C5 level visit eg public dog parks - until two weeks after the last dose of vaccination C5. My dog's vax were two weeks apart. One shot each time.

    If you want to socialise your dog, and I recommend this - seek out friends dogs that you know have been vaccinated to the standard you want, and organise play dates. You may also find puppy pre-school or dog clubs helpful in linking you up with vax'd dogs and puppies for yours to play with. Remember to include socialisation with people too. Ideally friends. And protect your puppy from children - supervise, and remind them it's a puppy not a toy.

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    I find socialisation more important........i find more dogs are PTS for aggression or end up at the pound for being anti-social, because of the strict regimes put in place, by those who say vaccinations first.

    Find a group of dogs, who's vaccination history is known, ie some kennel Clubs require vaccinations, puppy classes or just friends and get your puppy to meet lots of dogs of different ages,colour, size and sex. ( and people, lots of people) To me the most important part is that the dogs are friendly and that the puppy does not get attacked or a terrible fright.

    Sounds and environment are important too..So even if puppy should not or you do not want it to....pick-up your pup in a sling or just carry the pup and go places, busy places. Allow people to say hello and allow people to reach out, hover over and meet your puppy face to face. This will set up your puppy to deal with people who do not greet your dog properly as an adult...your dog will cope, because it had all this "trained" when a puppy. We are too over protective of our puppies and do not allow everyone to touch, giving us dogs who do not cope with an over friendly lot of people. I believe get your dogs used to being hugged and stared at by children, then when it is an adult and some kid comes up unexpected, your dog has a better chance of not reacting badly, because it will think it is the thing people do. It is something I have been doing in puppy classes. getting the other people to look/stare at every puppy eye to eye, hovering over them and petting and cuddling all the puppies. Hopefully teaching puppies that this is OK. And when people do this to them as an adult, they do not have to worry. I find it easier to prepare the dogs....No matter how often you tell people not to stare, hover over and hug dogs, they still do
    So set up your dog for this crazy world, so that it will cope with all the people. I prefer to start all of this at 8 weeks.....I prefer to teach the most at 8-12 weeks....up to 16 after that is OK, but 8-12 is the best

    Vets will tell you you cannot meet other dogs unless the puppies are vaccinated and have puppy classes in the worst place........At the vets.......where all the infectious dogs are or come through
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