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Thread: Creating a worming, flea treatment & everything else chart. Please help :)

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    Question Creating a worming, flea treatment & everything else chart. Please help :)

    I'm going to create a printable chart for my puppy so i know what needs to be done each month & when he is due for them. With previous pets i received one from the vet but when i was at the vet today they didn't have any

    I need some help with what i need to put on there & how often it should be done...

    His vaccinations now are yearly & i've already booked in to have him desexxed so i don't need to worry about those. I know flea treatment is monthly.
    How often is worming? Is there anything else i need to put on there?

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    You need to take care of
    2.Intestinal worms
    3. Heart Worm
    4. Fleas
    Vaccinations should be yearly or triannial depending what your Vet recommends. Usually Vets send out reminders.
    The rest - you could use a combination product like Sentinel or Panoramis, which is just one monthly treatment. Of course, there are many other choices.

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    I actually made my own - I used excel for it, but I will not be printing it just softcopy is enough :-)

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    I have reminders set in my phone on the day these things need to be done.

    I prefer yearly vaccinations because it gives the vet a chance to go over the dog and you to ask about any non important issues.

    Worming and fleas is normally monthly. Today is our worming and fleas day so they get one comfortis each (which Bella hates... I am lucky I was shown years ago how to give animals tablets) and one interceptor for heartworm and intestinal worms.

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