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Thread: Sick lab puppy- help?

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    Default Sick lab puppy- help?

    Our new little purebred lab puppy (12 wks) hasn't been well the last week. It started with dishcharge from the eyes and then lumps on the eyelid/eyelash area. We then noticed he had bumps on the inside of his ears and Infection. Have seen 2 vets and both are stumped with what it is. He has had cortisone injection, strong antibiotics , eye and ear drops. It has now moved to his mouth area, lumps all around... His glands in the neck are very swollen. Poor little fella... Very worried.. Anyone have any idea what it might be?
    Back to the vet tomorrow for the third time

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    Have responded in your other thread - sounds like strangles - if diagnosed it needs steroids and antibiotics together asap.

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    Thanks so much! :-)

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