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    I decided to switch Banjo from tinned food to pet mince. I will continue to feed her kibble too as I just cannot do without that convenience. She has dry food available to her all the time.

    So how much mince should I feed her? She weighs about 20kg and is not an overly active dog. She is about 14 months old now.

    And if I give her dry food, should I still mix the mince with something like Phuds or VAN?

    If I don't use the mixer, could I use something like cooked rice and grated veggies? Or will that not be good enough? If it is, how much of each in each meal?

    Sorry, I really know nothing about dog nutrition as I've always just fed commercial food.

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    depends how much kibble you want to feed her, and what breed she is. I would be adding the VAN to the meat to make it complete, then you can work out also how much she needs to be fed. So if you feed her twice a day, halve the normal amount of kibble, and half of what the recommended mince weight is of the VAN. If she starts gaining weight, cut her food by a 1/4.

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    Mince is not a complete diet. How about a mixture of protein sources (meat, fish, egg) with some rice and mixed veges?

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    I have fed my dogs using the raw/barf method and generally go by the rule that you should feed around 3% of their body weight.

    So for a 20kg dog I'd feed something like 600g in total per day. This of course is a little bit trial and error, you may need to increase it a little if your dog is active or losing weight or decrease the amount if the dog is not active or gains weight.

    Mince by itself is not a complete meal however you can easily do a raw diet by using a mixture of protein sources and veg (as suggested by Vadim Chelom).

    What I do is this (for a 38kg highly active GSD)

    Every week she gets a combination of
    -Chicken (necks, wings, frames)
    -Lamb Brisket, off cuts (soft bones only)
    -Raw offal
    -Oily Fish (Once a week)
    -Commercial BARF patties
    -ripe fruit and vegetables

    Basically I feed her on a sort of routine
    Mon- Chicken in the morning, barf patty +veges/fruit at night
    Tue- Meaty off cuts (lamb) in the morning, barf patty + fruit/vege at night
    Wed - Chicken in the morning, barf patty + egg and yoghurt at night
    Thurs - Offal in the morning, barf patty + veges/fruit at night
    Fri - Chicken in the morning barf patty at night with veges/fruit
    Sat - Meaty off cuts in the morning barf patty at night with veges/fruit
    Sun - Oily Fish in the morning barf patty at night with veges/fruit

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    If you only feed part RAW, instead of a mince, of which you won't know the value ( some are great and have everything in them some are not) why not give her some lamb hearts. a few meaty bones here and there like brisket bones or necks.

    I do not use any marketed additives..i just throw in a veggie mix (of any kind) which I quick blend or blanch (the ones I have frozen myself to keep better). I also give fruit and throw some raw rolled oats in often.

    I do not give percentages of my dogs weight, because i would be feeding these huge amounts and my dogs would be obese........I work on my dogs ribs. If I find they get a bit chubby I just change the amount. For the hungry dog I increase the carrot amount. For the leaner dogs i increase the meat amount.

    My dogs often just get a very meaty bone thrown at them for a meal in the evening. I can see how Dry food is easier and as long as you jiggle the amounts around.

    I also feed a lot of fish...i use whole bait fish or fish that is "seconds" from the fishmonger, all raw.

    I basically feed anything available, but i do like to use about 15% of offal. My dogs love tripe, which I think is gross. My fav offal is lambs heart, easy to handle

    If you ever want to read about a good RAW diet here is a link
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