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Thread: How long does dry food last you?

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    Default How long does dry food last you?

    I'm about to get a dog and trying to figure out roughly how much a week it will cost to feed him and what kind of food I should get him.

    He's a greyhound so I've been advised 1kg of raw meat per day plus about 6 cups of dry food (all this spread across 2 feedings).

    My question is, if I'm using 6 standard measuring cups worth of food a day. How long (approx) will a 15kg bag last me?

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    Holy Moley your greyhound would be eating more then my newfies, even as puppies........Are you sure that is right, or is the dog in really bad condition ?

    MAC or Nattylou should be able to give you some help here, they have sighthounds
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    Well that's what a lady who adopts out greyhounds has advised me (though she's not from GAP, which is where I'm getting my boy).

    It does seem like a LOT but I've never owned large dogs before, only small ones like Jack Russells, so I have no idea about their eating habits, which is why I'm researching before he gets here.

    Would be great if anyone on here who owns an ex-racer could advise if this is right or not. Since she fosters greyhounds I just took her opinion without really questioning it.

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    WOW! I would say that is way too much! If you use premium dry food i wouldnt think you should use no more than 2 cups for AM feed and 2 cups for PM feed (with the meat i would only go about 250g per feed as an estimate only but then again this may also be too much? I guess the cheap brands of food the dog will need to eat more of it to fufil, but with premium food you will not be feeding as much if you like to know more may be about the meat side of things you can contact Dr Bruce Syme from Vet's All Natural via FB or call Vet's All Natural in Vic and speak to one of the guys there, they will know a lot more about nutrition etc. Just an idea?

    if 200g was an estimate on a cups worth of dry food x 6 = 1.2kg + the meat of 1kg thats a huge 2.2kg (thats a huge load of crap)! jokes
    Sorry if it was no help, but im sure V.A.N should be able to help you.
    if no luck i will ask my friend she has now a Greyhound Ex racer so she may be able to help? I tried calling her now but cant get her.

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    that is way too much food, even for an in work racing greyhound. Depends what she's feeding but you may find he's just pooing it all out due to what it actually is. Some greyhound people feed horse/knackery meat and cheap kibble hence having to feed that amount.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys! It did sound like an awful lot of food to me, even for a large dog, but I just assumed she knew what she was on about.

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    OK frend feeds her GH 1.5 cups in the morning and the same at night, with a small hand full of meat each serve she uses a premium food diet. (she had to put a bit of weight on him, but may cit down a little) hope this helped

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    Quote Originally Posted by PETZ Central View Post
    OK frend feeds her GH 1.5 cups in the morning and the same at night, with a small hand full of meat each serve she uses a premium food diet. (she had to put a bit of weight on him, but may cit down a little) hope this helped
    Thanks heaps for asking! That sounds way more reasonable. I guess I'll just have to watch him for the first few weeks and see how he goes, adjust accordingly.

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    My parents Great Danes never ate that much

    It's all just trial and error with any dog, they all have different metabolisms. I feed my 5kg Crested twice as much as I feed my 10kg poodles and I just weighed them all today and they are almost the exact same weight they were a year ago (give or take a few grams).

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    My bloke scoffs 2x 2cups +6 chicken necks or some roll every day (morning and night). A 15 kg bag would last about 2months or so. The girls on here got me onto Blackhawk kibble which worked out cheaper and 5 kilos extra (20kg) and is one of the better dog foods for a giant breed puppy after he's off whatever the breeder has been feeding him. So it's worth looking at this food........about $75 to $80 bucks for 20 kilos and your doing your dog and wallet a favour !!

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