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    Has anyone had any experience in acupuncture to help in the pain of osteo arthritis? My nine year old Bichon has advanced arthritis in one shoulder. Treatment of cortisone injection from specialist is only lasting for short duration. Any advice appreciated.

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    es, one of my previous newfies had severe osteoarthritis in her later life, She had monthly Acupuncture, I learned some acupressure to help to and she also had weekly Bowen treatments.

    Initially my vet suggested PTS , but we got an extra four years when we went to Ian Bidstrup. She used to walk up to her Bowen therapist and put herself ready in position for treatment. She went form a dog who could hardly walk to a happy reasonably comfortable dog.

    We also had a older work dog, who had it for a neck injury.....he also enjoyed the treatments, he only had them about every three months. I think it goes case by case and with a good operator could help some dogs, Good luck
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