Well this is a bit random but I'm very curious (and hoping it's nothing bad). I have noticed in the past a few male dogs with large, lumpy nipples - especially dobermans, but I haven't really thought anything of it. However, I just went to see the father of my new little RR x Dobe puppy again, and I noticed that he has these large nipples. He's 6 years old, but I didn't ask the owners how long he had been like that and they certainly don't seem to be concerned about it - they're very matter of fact people - would have felt very awkward asking them about their male dog's nipples lol. That said, he's a working dog who herds and guards animals and he is able to run all day everyday, leaps on and off the back of their truck all the time etc so physically he seems to be in very good shape. But is this a sign of breast cancer or something bad? And will it mean my little girl will have that problem too?